Jaime Bergman decided not to divorce David Boreanaz, even though he would have deserved it

In 2010 David Boreanaz confessed to having cheated on his wife of ten years, Jaime Bergman. Where another woman may have gone for divorce, she stayed married to him for better or worse.

David Boreanaz is surprisingly only once divorced. He was married to Ingrid Quinn for two years, but he filed for divorce from her in 1999. Clearly it wasn’t a match to last. Since the divorce would have been finalized in 2000, one wonders if his second wife Jaime Bergman wasn’t already in the picture at the time, because he married her in 2001.

Jaime Bergman and David Boreanaz snapped at an event

With Jaime he has two children. The second one was still on her way when David actually committed adultery and the girl was born by the time he admitted to it publicly.

Why did he?

The question has to be broken down into two parts: why did he cheat and why did he admit to it. Both are surprisingly easy to answer, because he very much went on record with both answers.

It’s fair to say that David is an A-list TV actor. He’s been around since the very popular Buffy – The Vampire Slayer, which gave him his own 6-season show Angel. From there he went almost directly to the hugely successful series Bones, which has been running for ten years now. Having worked on three popular shows obviously went to his head.David Boreanaz & Jaime Bergman at an airport

David said of himself that he was selfish and arrogant and rumour has it that he used his star-appeal to flirt with extras on the show, perhaps even propositioning them. He is considered an attractive guy, at least by a few.

He simply used his status to get what he wanted and with whom he wanted it.

His wife Jaime had said that the two had been growing apart at some point. David was always working and Jaime was splitting her time between L.A. and Utah, where the couple has a home. When they saw each other it wasn’t so much a reunion of lovers who had missed each other than a meeting of acquaintances.

They made no effort to spend time together and barely acknowledged each other when together. But it wasn’t love that David sought with other women; otherwise he could have simply left his wife. It seemed to be merely physical; otherwise he would not have stayed with Jamie.

Jaime Bergman and David Boreanaz arrive at an event

David confessed to Jamie on his own volition. He felt bad. It sounds as if he might have been growing a conscience. The reason he went public with it, however, was the attempt by his ex-lover to extort him for a six-figure sum. She threatened to go public if he didn’t pay and so he went public instead.

One is inclined to believe this scenario, because there seems no reason why he would have publicly humiliated himself so much.

What no one really understood was why Jaime stayed with him. Nobody would have been surprised, if she had decided to divorce him. It has been widely reported that David considered his infidelity the reason his marriage was saved.

And perhaps it was, though this can hardly be considered something he should be proud of.

As it was, the marriage seemed to have been on the decline for some time. By being confronted with such gross indiscretions the two decided to confront themselves and each other over the reasons behind it.

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They went into couple’s therapy and David also went into individual therapy. Ultimately they never even really separated. And five years after the fact they are still going strong, at least for all appearances. It stands to reason that David is kept on a somewhat shorter leash these days.

Marriage is hard work. All relationships are. There must have been enough love left between David and Jaime to want to salvage their relationship, despite all the pain that his affairs had caused. There were the children to consider as well. If the two came to the conclusion that they really wouldn’t be happier without each other, they had to work on it.

We’ve seen this happen before with David Duchovny (what’s it with the Davids?) and Tea Leoni. Though ultimately those two failed.

As long as David Boreanz can stay faithful to his wife, he may avoid a second divorce.

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