Jack White and Karen Elson went from a divorce party to an acrimonious parting

When Jack White and Karen Elson first announced their separation, they invited everyone to a divorce party. But when it came to processing the divorce, things became acrimonious quickly.

Divorce finalized in November 2013

Jack White married Karen Elson somewhat unorthodoxly on a canoe in the middle of the Amazon River. It should therefore not surprise that the two announced the end of their nuptials by inviting everyone to a divorce party.

Jack White and Karen Elson hot in black

That was in 2011 and then the two were still quite friendly. In fact, they called each other “trusted friends and co-parents” and their party was meant to re-affirm their friendship. Alas, that sentiment went out the window when the divorce began to progress. Karen filed for divorce in 2011 and for the longest time nothing much seemed to have happened. It was a pretty slow process, but in summer 2013 things turned sour.

It’s not clear what prompted the clash, but Karen requested a restraining order against her estranged husband, who was not only trying to contact her lawyers in an apparently inappropriate way, but had also made derogatory remarks and gone into some sort of violent rage. Whilst Jack denied having been volatile at all, he filed a countermotion and added emails from Karen as evidence, where she praised him as a father.

We don’t know what the actual truth is, but the noise died down again in the end. Jack must have been reasonably stressed, however, because he couldn’t refrain from making a bunch of snide remarks about the Black Keys, who are also based in Nashville and whose children are apparently at the same school at Jack’s children, something he seemed to blame on Karen. Apparently Jack is not fond of a little friendly competition among musicians.

Jack White and Karen Elson hug

The Black Keys essentially let him get away with it, because divorce is a tough thing to go through and it seems they were aware what the situation was.

Jack ended up issuing a public apology to a lot of musicians he made derogatory remarks about. Perhaps it really was just the stress of the divorce.

In the end the divorce seems to have been settled peacefully. Jack retained all rights to his bands and his studio; he was ordered to pay €3,200 in child support and insurance every month and received 150 days of the year to spend with his children.

Karen received primary physical custody of the children and had to sort out who would get which car in the split. Neither of them is paying alimony to the other.

Neither of the two is known to be dating anyone at this time.

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Karen Elson & Jack White holding hands

Jack White and Karen Elson snapped at an event

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