Ilham Vuilloud accused Stan Wawrinka of only wanting his freedom after he announced divorce

When Stan Wawrinka announced his divorce it seemed it was of amicable nature. But his wife soon hit back and put the split solely on him.

According to Stan Wawrinka’s Facebook statement on his second split from then-wife Ilham, the two had ten years together.

An expecting Ilham Vuilloud and Stan Wawrinka engagement

They were married in 2009, however. Their daughter was born in 2010, but it would seem Stan was an absent father at first, because he had left his family behind to concentrate on his career.

Why a family would be detrimental to his career development is a different question entirely.

Eventually he and Ilham reconciled and spent the next few years together as a married couple with a young daughter. Stan’s career continued to be successful and he made it into the tennis top ten. As of six weeks ago he has been #4, though around the time of his divorce it looked as if he might fall out of the top ten altogether.

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Stan announced his split on Facebook, which is not necessarily an elegant move. It sounded very much as if there were few regrets regarding his relationship to Ilham and that they have been blessed with a daughter, which they will continue to raise together, but that he and his wife were now on too different paths to continue to journey through life together.

He ended with saying that he would say nothing further on the matter in order to protect his private life and especially his daughter.

His performance had been somewhat questionable earlier this year and some wondered if his separation and divorce might be to blame.

Ilham Vuilloud and Stan Wawrinka with daughter

But his estranged wife very much resented that insinuation and hit back quite publicly and very much to her own resentment. Apparently Stan published his Facebook announcement without her consent and she basically said that his own desire to regain his freedom on every level informed the decision to divorce.

He was not interested in sacrificing his career to his family or to his daughter, even though Ilham remarked that other higher ranking tennis players than him still managed both, career and family.

She also alluded to lies on his part and emotional betrayal, but one can only speculate as to what that might encompass.

Stan Wawrinka link up with Donna Vekic

Her message certainly indicates that Ilham is better off without Stan and, amicable or not, this second split is most definitely final.

It’s not entirely clear when the divorce was finalized, but it would have to have been shortly thereafter, because at least as of August this year Stan has been considered divorced.

In the meantime he’s been rumoured to be seeing up and coming tennis player Donna Vekic, but there really is no indication that it is anything else but a rumour.


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