Howard Stern is first and foremost married to his work, which is why he is already divorced once

Howard Stern and his first wife divorced after more than 20 years of marriage. In part the marriage’s demise was due to his workload. Can he avoid the same mistake with his second wife? Divorce finalized in 2001

Howard Stern is first and foremost married to his work, which is why he is already divorced once

Alison Berns and Howard Stern with daughter Emily

Howard Stern met his first wife Alison Berns at Boston University. Considering himself pretty much undateable he was surprised to find that she liked him and professed many years later that he knew within a week of dating her that he would marry her.

And he did. They married in June 1978 when both of them were just 24. Still unable to believe that she had chosen him, he made it a point throughout his marriage to stay faithful to her. Once he’d become famous and could have had his pick of women, he never once cheated on her. There was no temptation for him when he could have her.

The two had three daughters together and Howard is close to all three of them. Now anyway. He wasn’t a good father in the 90s. He was working all the time. He went to bed at 8pm and got up at 4am. He did his show, which he became incredibly famous for, then he wrote a book, then he made a movie starring as himself in the adaptation of his book.

Beth Ostrosky-Howard Stern's second wife

That was in 1997 and he called it a love letter to his wife. There’s no doubt that he loved her.

To this day he doesn’t like to talk about his divorce. It pains him, but he also acknowledges that something was clearly wrong. He locked himself away, stopped engaging with his family, who was miserable without him and his marriage withered and failed.

He can’t or doesn’t want to pinpoint what led to the failure. Multiple things, no doubt.

The couple split in 1999 and divorced amicably in 2001. We don’t know the settlement details, but we can assume that Howard looked after his ex-wife and his daughters. He had always made a point of ensuring that they were financially looked after. But that didn’t replace the husband and father that they needed.

Beth Ostrosky & Howard Stern arrive at an event

He was and is a workaholic, which may well be the main reason his wife left him. It’s difficult to be married to work and woman. Something has got to give and in this case it was the woman.

But after such a long time being married Howard didn’t do so well being single. His approach to fatherhood was suddenly challenged and he had to become more involved. And whilst he realized that he could, all of a sudden, take up all those offers of sex with women that he had previously rejected, he also found that it didn’t fill the hole his marriage had left.

Even before his marriage was finalized he started seeing Beth Ostrosky in 2000. She became his constant companion and in 2007 he finally proposed to her. He said that he wanted her to know how important she was to him and people to know that she wasn’t some ‘blonde bimbo’, but would be his wife.

They married in 2008.

Beth Ostrosky & Howard Stern holding hands

A few years later Beth reportedly refused to renew vows with Howard, however. Apparently she is of the opinion that it is a) not necessary and b) potentially bad luck. Pointing out that Heidi and Seal renewed their wedding vows every year and that didn’t save their marriage either.

She is certainly right there.

Recently it’s been reported that all is not well between Beth and Howard, however. At 62 he just renewed his deal with SiriusXM that he would continue his radio show for another five years. Whilst he is reportedly retiring from his role on America’s Got Talent, Beth had apparently hoped to finally have Howard more to herself.

It’s not entirely clear how true the rumour is that she’s furious over his new deal with SiriusXM, but one can’t blame her for not being entirely happy. But Howard shows few signs of slowing down and it looks like she will simply have to live with that. Or leave.


Beth Ostrosky & Howard Stern say cheese