Supermodel Heidi Klum doesn’t wait for her divorce from Seal before moving on

They were the picture-perfect couple with four children together, who renewed their vows on every anniversary. But after seven years of marriage, all is over. Divorce finalized in October 2014

Heidi Klum’s taste in men is rather eclectic. From 1997 to 2002 she was married to stylist Ric Pipino. Next she moved into a relationship with Flavio Briatore, with whom she ended up having a child. But before their daughter is even born, the relationship ends and Heidi begins dating Seal, who was present at the birth of Leni. For all intents and purposes Seal has been Leni’s father her whole life and he did officially adopt her in 2009.

Ric Pipino-Heidi Klum's first husband

It was 2004 when Heidi met Seal. They became engaged by the end of that year and married on a beach in Mexico in May 2005. Their first son was born in the same year.

In 2006 they decided to renew their vows on their anniversary, which then became a tradition for them for each new anniversary. Their second son was born in 2006 as well.

Nobody can say that Heidi and Seal ever appeared to be unhappy. They were known to be a doting couple, loving parents, who always looked happy together, whether on the red carpet or in private. In 2009 they had their second daughter and some people may have wondered, if those two would stop having children, or if, perhaps, four were enough.

Heidi Klum with her one time boyfriend Flavio Briatore


The first cracks in their relationship were reported when the family vacationed in Ibiza in August 2011. Apparently Seal was away partying more often than not, leaving Heidi and the children to themselves, trying to enjoy their holidays without him. If it was a sign of an already fractured relationship is mere guesswork, but it doesn’t seem entirely unlikely.

Yet they were spotted together in Aspen on a holiday at the end of the year once more and some thought that Heidi and Seal weren’t over just yet. Once January 2012 arrived it appeared more and more obvious, however, that the couple was not far from calling it quits. Heidi attended the Golden Globes by herself. Seal arrived in LAX by himself after spending a week alone in London to promote his album and on the 21st of January reports emerged that they were headed for divorce.

On the 23rd then the couple officially announced their separation. Of course they spoke of love and parenthood and asked for privacy. They also wanted to keep things amicable between them, mostly for the sake of the children. And they have frequently been spotted with each other after the split, appearing indeed very friendly with each other.

Seal and Heidi Klum arrive at an event

The question is, as always, what happened. It would appear that they simply drifted apart. They were hardly spending any time together anymore towards the end of their marriage and were needled by the small things in their relationship that happy couples won’t usually be bothered by.

There has been the faintest hint that Heidi might have cheated on Seal. She did move on extremely fast when she began dating her body guard Martin Kirsten, whom she was quite smitten with. Seal was definitely not impressed and when asked about it, made it sound as if Heidi had cheated on him with Martin.

Heidi responded that she certainly didn’t cheat on her husband, who was the only one she ever had eyes for whilst they were together. Seal later said that he didn’t mean to insinuate that his ex-wife had cheated on him. But he probably still wished that she had waited before moving on so fast.

It does seem, though, that Heidi is a bit of a serial monogamist, who prefers to be in a relationship rather than outside of one. Her men do succeed one another rather quickly.

Martin Kirsten cuddling Heidi Klum

Nowadays the bodyguard is no longer in the picture and instead Heidi has been seen with Vito Schnabel since early last year. There is a certain irony in her dating a 28-year old, because she actually said on record that she would not be interested in dating someone much younger than her. At the time she had just started seeing Martin Kirsten and was not interested in being a ‘cougar’. Her attitude seems to have changed.

Her divorce from Seal was settled in October last year. Whilst no pre-nup had been signed, the ex-couple did have a post-nup and it would seem they were able to settle their finances and shared possessions without a hitch. Neither of them will get spousal support and the custody agreement for their four children is secret. It is fair to assume that they have at least shared legal custody and very likely shared physical custody as well.

Heidi could hardly be out and about with her new boyfriend, if she had to look after her children all the time. Seal has last been linked to actress Erin Cahill, but there is no actual confirmation of their relationship.


Heidi Klum with her current boyfriend Vito Schnabel

Heidi Klum & Vito Schnabel at Cannes


Heidi Klum and Seal happy days

Martin Kirsten & Heidi Klum holding hands

Heidi Klum & Seal at the Elton John Academy Awards

Heidi Klum & Ric Pipino strike a deadly pose

Heidi Klum & Ric Pipino share a laugh

Heidi Klum & Ric Pipino look happy

Heidi Klum & Martin Kirsten enjoying a walk