After her divorce from Paul McCartney Heather Mills vows to never get married again

Heather Mills’ marriage to and divorce from Paul McCartney made her one of the most vilified women in Britain. She is a polarizing character, but surely not as evil as she was painted.

Divorce finalized March 2008

Heather Mills’ marriage to Paul McCartney was not her first. But it seems that it will be her last. She was briefly married to Alfie Karmal between 1989 and 1991.

Heather Mills and her first husband Alfie Karmal

Whilst she had already achieved fame before getting married to Paul McCartney, her marriage to him certainly made her a household name. Some may remember the recurring comparison between her and Linda McCartney. After all, she was the one who dared to follow Linda, who was well loved. The same could not be said of Heather, who makes no apologies.

The two met in 1999 and according to Heather they kept their relationship secret for the first six months at her insistence. They were engaged in July 2001 and married in June 2002.

Heather said last year that she hardly knew any Beatles songs and whilst she knew that Paul was a big deal, she only saw him as a man. She also admitted that she was madly in love with him and did not worry about the consequences of being married to someone like him. She said that she had always been attracted to powerful, larger-than-life men. But that kind of man apparently doesn’t want an equally powerful, larger-than-life woman by his side.

Heather Mills with her second husband Paul McCartney

Heather and Paul had daughter Beatrice together, but by 2006 their relationship had broken apart and the two announced their separation. Divorce proceedings lasted nearly two years and that time was well used by those who never liked Heather to begin with.

Nobody left a good hair on Heather. For some reason she decided to represent herself during the divorce. Whilst she had support from others, she was no match for Paul’s divorce attorney Fiona Shackleton. Heather infamously poured a glass of water over Fiona’s head, which only served to further vilify her and paint her as a crazy hothead.

Her antics didn’t help her and whatever the truth may be, the judge didn’t believe her, calling her her own worst enemy, who presented insufficient evidence, which was also not very credible. Paul had a much stronger case in the end and whilst he did have to pay her, he got off lightly considering that Heather had wanted £125 million.

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney announce good news

She received £16.5 million in a lump sum and assets valued at £7.8 million. Whatever her wealth had been before her marriage to Paul McCartney, she was certainly much better off after it.

Heather’s relationship to the media didn’t get better and she often accused the various outlets of misquoting her. She was no better liked after the divorce was finally over than during her marriage. If anything things were worse for her.

But she pulled through. Her main focus became her daughter Beatrice. She went back to skiing more and almost went to Sochi with the Paralympics team. But apparently she was expelled due to issues with her boot.

However, there always seems to be a truth according to Heather and a truth according to others. She’s a strong-headed and opinionated woman and calls everything the way she sees it. She had a partner for six years after Paul, but she now says that she would never ever get married again.

Paul for his part married for a third time in 2011 and seems to be quite happy with his new wife.


Paul McCartney and Heather Mills wave fans

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills gracefulness

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills dayout

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney look happy together

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney look glam

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney look cheerful

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