Glenn Close is not likely to get married again after her third divorce last year

Glenn Close has been married and divorced three times now. After her last divorce it’s unlikely that another marriage is in the cards for her.

Divorce finalized in August 2015

Glenn Close was first married in 1969. She’d walked down the aisle with songwriter Cabot Wade, but divorced him in 1974. Next she married businessman James Marlas. That was in 1984, but three years later that marriage also ended.

Glenn Close with second husband James Marlas

In between and after her first and second marriages she also had some long-term relationships. With John Starke she ended up having her only child Annie.

Given Glenn’s philosophy on relationships and the differences of men and women, it’s hard to believe that she ever married at all, let alone for a third time. According to her men and women are different species entirely and she holds it with Katherine Hepburn, who believed that they are better off living next door to each other, only visiting once in a while.

She also once admitted that relationships may not really be her thing, once more because men and women are so different and it only adds pressure when you bind yourself to someone. Yet she did so over and over again, albeit never for many years.

Her longest relationship seems to have been that to ex-husband number three, David Shaw. The two were married in 2006 after they had been together for some time. In October 2015 everyone was surprised to hear about the couple’s divorce, which has reportedly been finalized in August 2015 already.

Glenn Close with current husband David Shaw

It had been reported that Glenn and David had told friends and family over the summer months that they were divorcing. The couple had apparently lived separately for many months already, with David opting to live in Maine and Glenn moving back to New York.

Since the divorce was finalized really quietly, we don’t know any of the details. David is a venture capitalist and probably makes good money. Glenn on the other hand has had a very long career as an actor and is still very busy working on new projects all the time.

The divorce was said to be a mutual decision and has been considered amicable. We don’t know if a prenup exists or not, but it’s not unlikely given Glenn’s fame and fortune.

It seems Glenn Close can only be in a relationship for so long. Eventually they all end, but whether that is due to those differences she keeps talking about or if there are other reasons is anyone’s guess. Glenn has managed to keep her private life mostly private, which is good for her, but makes for boring gossip.

Still, at 69 years of age another marriage does not seem to be in the cards for her. She’s failed three times now and whilst we have no doubt that she will find love again, there just doesn’t seem to be a point to get married once more.


Glenn Close and David Shaw look cute together

David Shaw and Glenn Close look happy

Glenn Close with third husband John Starke

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