Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady won’t get divorced despite hitting a rough patch this summer

It seems that celebrity couples are not allowed to have tough times without divorce rumours abounding. Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady weathered theirs and are still going strong.

Their relationship began in 2007 and got off to a bit of an awkward, if not rocky, start when Bridget Moynahan, Tom’s ex-girlfriend, revealed that she was pregnant with his first child. In fact, Giselle Bundchen considered ending their blossoming relationship, but ultimately she stuck it out.

Bridget Moynahan-Tom Brady's ex girlfriend!

This has the advantage that she’s known Tom’s eldest son his entire life and has always been a part of it. Bridget (and her new husband), Tom and Giselle have managed to amicably raise the boy together.

In 2009 Giselle and Tom married and soon had son Benjamin and two years ago daughter Vivian was born.

For the longest time their relationship appeared to be rock solid. But earlier this year, when Ben Affleck’s Nanny-gate came about, Tom’s name was in the mix when Ben and nanny Ouzounian took Tom on a private plane to Las Vegas. Ouzounian is even seen wearing Tom’s four Super Bowl rings.

Rumour has it that Giselle was less than pleased about this and apparently she started interrogating her own nannies, which in turn angered Tom, who didn’t want to be seen as a bad husband. Again, this is only a rumour and obviously the so-called sources remain unidentified. It sounds a little over the top and certainly nothing came of it.

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady look happy

But the spectre of divorce around Tom and Giselle was not easily vanquished.

Instead Tom was very quickly wrapped up in the so-called Deflate-gate that alleged that Patriot players had slightly deflated the balls to gain an edge. It’s not even clear that this actually happened, but after lot of long hearings about the whole affair Tom was suspended for four games, because there was a certain probability that he had known about it, even if he had not directly participated.

Actual guilt could not be proven, however, and the way they made it sound suggested that there was hardly any evidence that Tom knew anything. But if Tom so much as suspected anything might have been amiss, he would be guilty by proxy.

In any case, it was a stressful time for Tom and by extension for Giselle. Once more rumours alleged that Tom was so stressed that he let it out at home and was irritable and easily angered. That in turn apparently grated so much on Giselle that she even consulted with divorce lawyers to consider her options.

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady dayout with son

Once again there was no evidence to support these claims, but they were rehashed several times.

When the verdict against Tom was overruled in September and he wouldn’t have to miss out on any games after all, he was happy and relieved once more and finally able to move forward. He then also dished on his relationship with Giselle and declared that they were great and that she had been a huge support.

Just a few days ago Giselle said in an interview that they have made it through some rough times, but that they are solid and happy.

They certainly look like it in the private Instagram photographs that Giselle has shared recently of her family. There’s not even a hint of discord and it has to be said that even celebrity couples should be allowed to go through tough times without the tabloids suspecting an imminent divorce. They do make the same vows any other married couples make, which means they will be there for each other in good times and in bad times.

They have three kids to consider as well and for now it doesn’t look as if this family is going to be broken apart any time soon.


Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen look stunning

Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen at a red carpet event

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady times together

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady snapped at an event

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