Gary Lineker’s 20-year marriage to Michelle was over in a 70-second divorce

Gary Lineker’s marriage to his childhood sweetheart lasted 20 years and produced four sons. Yet it was divorced in 70 seconds. He has since happily remarried. Divorce finalized in August 2006

When Gary met Michelle he was 18 and she was only 14. He first started dating her, however, when she had turned 17. Three years later, in 1986, they were married. Gary had all he ever wanted. Of course, he became also a hugely successful footballer and had a career of 17 years without ever receiving any form of penalty.

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But ultimately he wanted a family, wife and kids and a happy home life. Whilst their family began with heartbreaking news when their first son was diagnosed with a severe form of leukaemia at only 2 months old, the boy was cured and is still happy and healthy 24 years later.

For the most part the couple would have to have been happy. But Gary’s busy career seems to have driven them apart at some stage. In April 2006 they separated and Michelle briefly moved out of their family home.

She filed for divorce on the grounds of his ‘unreasonable behaviour’, which is a legitimate reason in the UK, and also noted that she had suffered from anxiety and stress because of his behaviour.

Gary chose not to contend the divorce or defend himself in any way. He simply accepted the divorce and it was granted very quickly by a judge. Some call it a 70-second divorce, because it was processed in record time.

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The details are not known. Michelle was, however, given the family home, which she had moved back into. Gary stayed there until he found himself a new bachelor pad.

It’s reasonable to assume that Michelle received some kind of maintenance and child-support. She certainly seems to be quite well off even now, because she regularly vacations in Barbados, where she apparently still shares ownership of a house with Gary. Of course, when she visits she takes her sons as well.

Gary was single for a while after the divorce, but in 2007 he was set up on a blind date with Danielle Bux and the two were immediately taken with each other. They started dating quietly, but were outed soon enough and in 2008 Gary proposed to her. In interviews she called her the ‘one’ and whilst they were married in 2009, they still behave like newlyweds six years later.

Danielle brought a young daughter into the relationship, which makes Gary happy, because he never had one of his own. Though the couple has been talking about adding to their family.

Whilst he wanted his sons to attend the wedding, he apparently didn’t even want to talk about his ex-wife when the subject came up in an interview. It seems the two did not part entirely amicably.

Be that as it may, everyone appears to be happy these days and it seems that even childhood sweethearts can survive a divorce.


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