Garcelle Beauvais divorced Mike Nilon because of his affair, but they remain friends for their sons

Garcelle Beauvais is twice divorced and has three sons. Despite the devastating end to her second marriage, she manages to keep things amicable with ex Mike Nilon for the sake of their twins. Divorce finalized in April 2011

Garcelle Beauvais has been married to producer Daniel Saunders from 1991 to 2000. They had son Oliver together, but eventually the relationship ended.

Garcelle Beauvais with ex husband Daniel Saunders

Garcelle later said that she wanted to be very careful who she brought home with her, because she had her son to consider and a future partner would act as a second father to him.

When she met and later married Mike Nilon she thought she’d won the “husband lottery”. He was charming and attentive and together they had twin boys Jaid and Jax in 2008.

But her dream ended when she found out that her husband had been cheating on her. It was an evening like many others, but Garcelle had left her phone at home. Needing to call her mother, she borrowed her husband’s phone and upon returning it to him discovered a message to him that said “I love you”.

Confronting him immediately she learned of her husband’s infidelity that apparently spanned five years.

Daniel Saunders & Garcelle Beauvais picnic with son Oliver

Devastated, Garcelle wrote the infamous email exposing him to his friends and colleagues, which ended up being leaked almost immediately. Of course Garcelle was shocked, but she apparently also had no regrets. She’d been angry in that moment and she would not sit quietly.

She filed for divorce a month later, in May 2010.

The pair decided on joint legal and physical custody. Despite his shortcomings as a husband, Mike was not a bad father. In fact, she calls him devoted and loving.

Garcelle dealt with the aftermath of her break-up as best she could, dedicating herself to her work and her three sons. She also got therapy and a life coach, both of which apparently helped her cope.

Garcelle Beauvais and Mike Nilon look happy

It took her a while to get back in the dating game and she took baby steps at first. She’s not known to be seeing anyone at the moment, however, and seems to concentrate on other things. Her two marriages followed each other in quick succession and perhaps it’s better for her to not jump into another too soon.

Nowadays she also has a civil relationship to Mike Nilon. He is the father of her twins, after all, and both parents try to show up as much together as possible. Whilst the two share custody and the boys spent equal amounts of time with their divorced parents, Garcelle divulged that they attend some of their sons’ events together. Not only does that mean that neither parent has to miss out, but that the boys get to enjoy quality time with both their parents at the same time.

Garcelle says that her sons are okay. They’re as happy as they can be given that their parents are no longer married, and that is the most important thing to both Garcelle and Mike.


Garcelle Beauvais and Mike Nilon with twin sons Jaid & Jax

Garcelle Beauvais and Mike Nilon say cheese

Garcelle Beauvais and Mike Nilon family dayout