Evelyn Lozada was married to and divorced from Chad Johnson within a mere three months

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson were married just two months before a domestic abuse incident forced Evelyn to file for divorce, which was granted within a month. Divorce finalized in September 2012.

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson married on the 4th of July 2012. Perhaps they thought it was an easy enough date to remember as their anniversary. But they never even made it to their first one. As a former Basketball Wife, Evelyn should have known not to marry a NFL man.

Evelyn became a cast member on the show, because of her ten-year relationship to NBA player Antoine Walker, whom she was also engaged to. Incidentally they broke up in 2009, but she only starred in the show from 2010. Her romance with Chad Johnson ended up being shown on Basketball Wives, which could be considered somewhat ironic.

In August 2012 Chad was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. It was alleged that he had headbutted Evelyn during an argument after she confronted him about a box of condoms she had found. Almost a year later photographs of the laceration Evelyn suffered emerged on TMZ offering proof that something did indeed happen.

In the wake of the incident two things happened: Chad was dropped by the Miami Dolphins, his team, immediately, and Evelyn filed for divorce, which was granted only a month after filing.

Evelyn Lozada & Chad Johnson say cheese

Chad vowed he wouldn’t let his wife go and apparently initially refused to sign the papers. He promised he would win her back and do everything necessary, claiming their separation was only temporary. He publicly apologized for his behavior, though it’s unclear in what manner he might have apologized to Evelyn.

In any case, the separation and divorce proved permanent. Evelyn said she would not tolerate any form of abuse and wanted to be an example to other victims.

Chad ended up in court for his misdemeanor charge. Whilst he initially made a deal with the prosecutor, involving therapy and community service, the judge ended up not accepting the deal, because Chad thought it suitable to playfully slap his attorney on the behind. The judge didn’t think that Chad was taking her or the situation sufficiently seriously and almost literally threw Chad into jail for 30 days (he only served seven days in the end, though). He was given probation on top of that and had to attend therapy.

Evelyn  Lozada & her fiancé Carl Crawford

Thus far he has not been picked up by another NFL team and it seems that career is over. He did manage to find another girlfriend, however, and was last reported to have become father again for the fifth time.

Evelyn on the other hand decided to try and date a baseball player. Clearly she has a thing for players of team sports. The chosen one was Carl Crawford.  She would have started dating Carl sometimes in 2013; by February 2014 she was already over seven months pregnant and happier than she had been in a long time. She said that she had wanted to become a mother again for some time and was ever so happy to share this with Carl.

Evelyn had become a first-time mother to a daughter at the tender age of 17. In March 2014 she gave birth to Carl Leo Jr. She has been engaged to Carl Sr. for well over a year now.

The tides have obviously turned for Evelyn. Recently it was announced that she would star in her own reality TV show together with her daughter Shaniece. Whilst we may have heard the last of her ex-husband Chad, we certainly won’t have heard the last of Evelyn.

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