Is Evan Rachel Wood one of those people who are just not the marrying type?

Evan Rachel Wood is better known for her dating life than for a career as an actress. Her only marriage lasted 19 months and since the separation she has become a serial dater.

Evan Rachel Wood has described herself as ‘edgy’ and ‘weird’. She is certainly following the beat of her own drum. Ever since she dated Marilyn Manson, people would certainly agree with the ‘weird’ part of her self-description, especially considering that she was 19 years old at the time and Manson was 36.

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell share a laugh

But before she dated Manson, she had already been with Jamie Bell. The two met reportedly at the Sundance Festival in 2005 and started dating shortly after that. They ended up on the set for the music video “Wake me up when September ends” by Green Day together and dated for at least a year before calling it quits. At the time they even got matching tattoos, believing that their love would last forever. They were young and knew nothing of love or the realities of life.

After the break-up Evan moved on to dating Marilyn Manson. She called the relationship happy and healthy and said she learned much from him, but in the end they weren’t right for each other. They did break-up, only to reconcile again. Whilst they even got engaged in 2010, the relationship fell apart soon after and this time for good.

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell at a movie premiere

Eventually Evan and Jamie got back together after all, and this time they seemed serious about it. Years had passed, they both had matured and perhaps the time was right then? The two were married in a small ceremony in 2012.

Nine months later they welcomed their son, whose name has never been revealed. Evan and Jamie are incredibly private when it goes to their boy, which is commendable.

Alas, their happiness didn’t last. In May 2014 the two announced that they were separating once again. It was made clear that they would remain friends and that they were both very committed to raising their son together, however.

What had happened?

Some say the two were simply too different as people and therefore didn’t work as a couple. They were better off as friends and since they were apparently able to remain friends, there seems to be some truth to that.

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell dayout

Others, however, said that after their son was born, the marriage suddenly started to take a backseat for Evan. It’s been reported that she was more interested in her son than her husband. But isn’t that true for most women, who have just given birth? And isn’t it true for the father as well? For the first few months everything is about the baby. The marriage takes a backseat. It’s not ideal, but it certainly isn’t unusual either.

It seems more likely that the two indeed realized that they were better off as friends. Even though Evan has recently called Jamie the love of her life, which is hardly surprising, because he is the father of her only child.

She did move on quite soon after the split, though. In October 2014 it was confirmed that she had been dating actress Kate Moennig for about two months. Evan had come out as bisexual back in 2011 and confessed to crushes on actresses before dating Moennig. She had been flirting with Kate via Twitter before the two became an item.

It didn’t last long. The two were only dating for about three months before going separate ways again. Last year Evan was linked to singer Andy Tongren, but neither the two together nor Evan with anyone else have lately been spotted in public. Evan does have a two-year old man at home and he’ll be her main man for some time to come anyway.

Jamie, meanwhile, has moved on to actress Kate Mara. The two became an item on the set of Fantastic Four, which they both star in, but they are still together, suggesting that this isn’t a promotional stunt.

Interestingly, however, Jamie and Evan are only listed as ‘separated’. Nobody seems to know, if they are actually divorced. There’s no evidence available that they have filed for divorce. Perhaps they are not in a hurry, perhaps it all went down really quietly. It seems unlikely that they will get back together, especially in light of them dating other people. But you never know.


Evan Rachel Wood with husband Jamie Bell

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson party hard

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson holding hands

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson back home

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