Eva La Rue does not seem to be able to find lasting love now that she is divorced a third time

Eva La Rue and Joseph Cappuccio were both married twice before they met. Then they were engaged twice before they married each other, only to finally divorce after all.

It’s a never-ending story for Eva La Rue: she meets a man, marries him and gets divorced again. At only 48 years old she has now been through the same spiel three times. And before she married her last ex-husband Joseph Cappuccio, she didn’t even want to get married again.

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Perhaps she is a hopeless romantic.

From 1991 to 1994 Eva was married to fellow actor John O’Hurley. They had no children, which is just as well since their marriage obviously didn’t last very long. There’s no record of how happy those two were together, but it’s certain that the happiness didn’t last.

Two years after her first marriage failed, Eva married her All My Children co-star John Callahan. The couple remained married for nine whole years and had daughter Kaya together. To date this seems to have been Eva’s most successful marriage and it was the one that lasted the longest.

A year after her second divorce, which was in 2005, Eva started to date Joseph Cappucio. By 2008 they were engaged for the first time. It was then that she admitted that she hadn’t really considered getting married again. And Joseph seemed to have shared the sentiment, because he too was a two-time divorcee.

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The couple had planned a June wedding in 2008 at the time, but something went wrong and shortly thereafter the wedding was called off. At the time Eva said that their issues and patterns clashed against each other and there was no way of reconciling those issues or patterns. What precisely she was speaking about remains unclear.

A year later, in 2009, the ex-couple was engaged once more. There was no more talk of any issues or irreconcilable patterns and in 2010 they were finally married.

Given the false start to their marriage, Eva should have had an inkling that this one might not be the one to last after all. Clearly she loved Joseph when she married him and he would have loved her. But only four years after walking down the aisle it was Joseph who filed for divorce early in 2014.

He cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce and specifically requested that Eva may not be granted any spousal support. And that doesn’t sound as if the split was very amicable. There was no joint statement of how they arrived at a mutual decision and would remain friends. Whilst Eva is not a huge celebrity, she’s well enough known that a statement would not have been amiss.


When the divorce was actually finalized is not known and consequently neither are the terms. Eva briefly tweeted about going through a tough time in the wake of the divorce announcement, but that was it. It would appear that they managed to sort the details out between themselves and if it really was acrimonious at any point, they kept it out of the news.

Considering that Eva had been sceptical about getting married for a third time, it seems unlikely that she will take the plunge a fourth time. It’s not known that she is currently dating anyone, but there’s hope that she will find happiness once more. Fortunately a successful relationship is not hinged on marriage.

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