Emma Stone’s and Andrew Garfield’s split is one of the most upsetting ones in recent years

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were one of the most adorable Hollywood couples for the past four years. But after initial rumours of an engagement, the couple appears to have called it quits.

We don’t care that the two have never actually been married, because they may as well have been. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood and seeing them together was always delightful, especially since the two also had quite a quirky streak.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield at a red carpet event Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield cute photoshoot

The two got together in 2011 when filming The Amazing Spiderman together, the reboot of the successful franchise, this time with Andrew Garfield in the title role. Whilst nobody might have needed this reboot, everybody adored Emma and Andrew. His boyish charm and her quirkiness seemed to suit each other quite well and whilst the couple never spoke about each other to third parties, especially during interviews, there was no mistaking that they were together and doing well.

They were always hunted by paparazzi, of course. And if they didn’t ignore them, they used the extra publicity to make statements about stuff they cared about, holding up signs and such. Usually they wrote impromptu signs to raise awareness for various charities.

Emma and Andrew were just super cute together and we wanted them to stay together forever and have super cute kids.

But, alas, it was not meant to be.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield snapped at an event

Last October it emerged that the couple had split. Apparently Emma had called it quits and not just recently, but months ago.

Why, you ask?

Well, there’s much speculation, but no certainty. We can say for sure that neither Emma nor Andrew have officially said a word. They’ve not really confirmed the split nor have they spoken about it. That’s totally in keeping with how they handle their private lives anyway, so it’s not a surprise at all.

Rumour has it Emma called it quits because Andrew had been ‘in a dark place’ for months. Andrew had been filming the Martin Scorsese film Silent in Taiwan and had apparently gone all method on the role. That rumour seems unlikely, because Emma certainly knows what it’s like to work as an actor and surely has some understanding for method acting.

Others say that it had, in the end, simply been a matter of the two spending too much time apart working on their various movies, but not together. They did have two movies where they worked together and after those were done, it’s not surprising that they would spend less time together, because they worked on different projects.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield cuddle up

For actors that’s one of the main reasons why the end relationships, especially when they are younger, without family yet and popular enough to work on projects back to back.

Of course, there’s a rumour that the two are indeed still together and are simply keeping their relationship ultra-private. But that seems unlikely as well, because they were often seen out and about together when they were still officially a couple.

Earlier this year Andrew has been linked to a new woman, though nobody knows who she is. They were seen together having a good time. Make of that what you will.

And Emma has most recently been linked to her co-star Austin Stowell, because of course she has. It seems impossible for unattached co-stars to be friendly on set without being linked to one another.

Whilst we’d rather see Andrew and Emma together, we hope they’re happy at least.

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield busy scribbling notes

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield walk their pet out

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield look stunning

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dayout

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