After a rocky marriage Emilie de Ravin finds true happiness with her new boyfriend and their baby

Emilie de Ravin was young when she first married Josh Janowicz and it’s been rocky from the start. After nearly divorcing and reconciling after only three years of marriage, they eventually divorced in 2014. Divorce finalized in 2014

Emilie de Ravin had been with Josh Janowicz since they were both 20. By 2005 the two were engaged to be married. They were 23 then. Emilie was already a well-known face by then. She played a prominent role on the teenage alien show Roswell and since 2004 she played Claire Littleton on hit show Lost.

Josh Janowicz-Emilie de Ravin's first husband


Apparently Emilie and Josh married in 2003, though for the longest time everyone believed that they were married in 2006. They did have a ceremony then, but their divorce papers showed them as having been married since 2003. Thus it has been frequently reported that the couple separated only six (sometimes it is said seven) months after their wedding. They did separate, but they had been married for 3.5 years by then. The couple reconciled, however, and nobody filed for divorce at the time.

In June 2009 Emilie filed for divorce for the first time. Whilst there was no public talk of a reconciliation, Emilie and Josh ended up going to Japan on vacation together, perhaps indeed working on their marriage. In October 2009 she called the divorce off and all seemed well once more. Or at least as well as it has ever been. Given that the two had been separated before, one would have been forgiven for doubting that this latest reconciliation would last.

Emilie De Ravin with boyfriend Eric Bilitch

And, indeed, it did not.

In 2014 Emilie filed for divorce and this time they went through with it. That was in July and it appears that the divorce was final by the end of the year. No details are known, but we wouldn’t be surprised to hear if Emilie has to pay alimony or spousal support. Since she added Once Upon A Time to her résumé, a show she’s been working on as a main character since 2012, she can be considered infinitely more successful than her ex-husband.

Since very little is known about their divorce, one can only speculate as to the reasons. It’s not a stretch to believe that they were simply too young when they were married. It’s been a rocky relationship since they were first married, at least from what we know. And it’s also not a stretch to believe that Emilie’s successful career contributed to the demise of their marriage.

Emilie de Ravin and Josh Janowicz look great together

Perhaps Josh was envious of Emilie’s success. Perhaps Emilie was unhappy with Josh not contributing enough to their marriage financially. Those reasons are valid and wouldn’t be surprising or particularly exceptional. They tried, though, and that’s more than most married couples can say.

Emilie has never spoken about the demise of her marriage or about married life for that matter. She is more outspoken on Twitter these days, however.

We don’t quite know what Josh is up to these days, but Emilie has most certainly moved on. Since 2014 she’s been dating filmmaker Eric Bilitch and in March this year the two welcomed their first child together. It is, perhaps, telling that Emilie and Josh never had children. But Emilie is now certainly at an age where building a family becomes more important than it has been in the past.

She and Eric are overjoyed with their new addition and we’re now only really waiting for Eric to pop the question. Surely neither of them would be opposed to getting married. But we do know that nowadays marriage doesn’t make a family complete any more. Eric, Emilie and their daughter are quite able to do without a certificate.


Josh Janowicz and Emilie de Ravin look gorgeous

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