Portia de Rossi bullied by wife Ellen DeGeneres? Or: How gossip rags can’t even make up believable divorce rumours

Divorce rumours have been haunting Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi for two years now, but despite many nasty allegations, the two are as strong as ever.

The only gossip rag worse than the National Enquirer is probably Star. Out of one hundred allegations they make and rumours they spread, only one may have a little bit of substance to it. The rest can usually be considered rubbish.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi at an Awards

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi met in 2004. Portia was still kind of dating her ex Francesca Gregorini at the time. In her book Unbearable Lightness Portia talks about meeting Ellen for the first time, who had invited her to her home, and Portia being unable to fathom that Ellen could be interested in her.

But the two soon began dating, which means they’ve been together for nearly 11 years now.

In 2008 the two married at home in a small private ceremony attended by their mothers and 17 guests, including family and friends. No lavishness here. If you’ve seen their weddings photographs, you’ve probably felt your heart swell a little.

The two have been going strong every since, going on holiday together, looking after a zoo of animals, moving from one house to another, buying a ranch and getting more animals including horses, redecorating their home.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi at a red carpet event

They go out in public together doing whatever it is couples do, often holding hands. They appear on the red carpet together and being ridiculously adorable and Portia has been a guest on Ellen’s show numerous times, usually giving Ellen an opportunity to publicly tease her or adore her.

Curiously, though, since 2013 divorce rumours have been popping up about those two every now and then, but there’s never been any substance to them and Ellen usually ignored them or made fun of those rumours, including Portia’s alleged pregnancy. It’s a well-known fact by now that the couple doesn’t want children.

Yet lately it’s been reported once more that the two are on the brink of divorce. Among other things they fight incessantly, Ellen bullies Portia, Ellen is controlling and Portia declaring she would be married to her work once she starts shooting on Scandal again.

It’s also been alleged that the two live in separate houses.

Yet Ellen’s show just debuted its 13th season and one of the first things she did was show personal footage of the safari trip the couple did over the summer. And only a few days ago, on the 22nd September, Portia was once again a guest on Ellen’s show, where Ellen teased her mercilessly, but both were so adorable that it was almost ridiculous.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi say cheese

When Ellen and Portia walk a red carpet, they look at each completely and utterly in love.

Even if there would be an ounce of truth to all the rumours that are circulating, and Ellen herself said on the Howard Stern Show that there’s not, you couldn’t fake the way they look at each other or treat each other.

Ellen is a huge advocate of treating everyone with kindness. She’s a big philanthropist and cares a lot about animal welfare and her own little zoo at home. And she is a controlling bully? Seriously? She preaches kindness and wants world peace (she just said that to Hillary Clinton when she was on her show), but at home she’s some kind of egotistical control freak? She’s not even using demeaning or hurtful humour and has always said that there are better ways to make fun of something or someone.

Portia might have had self-image issues in the past and she’s been through some tough times battling eating disorders. But she also said more than once that Ellen saved her life and that her life has not been the same since she’s been with her.

If there are two people in this world who will love each other until death will tear them apart, it’s Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, and even that won’t stop them.

Just because Rosy O’Donnell, Jane Lynch and Melissa Etheridge have all divorced from their wives, doesn’t mean that Ellen and Portia will.

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Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres look stunning together

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres snapped

Portia de Rossi hugging Ellen DeGeneres

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres hug passionately

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres greeted by fans

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi look cheerful

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