Alcoholism and long-standing issues seem to be behind the divorce of Elizabeth Vargas and Mark Cohn

Elizabeth Vargas and Mark Cohn have been married for 12 years, but after traveling a tough road together for many years, they are now in the process of getting divorced.

The singer-songwriter and the news anchor were introduced in 1999 by Andre Agassi. Mark Cohn and Elizabeth Vargas dated for three years before getting married in 2002 when Elizabeth was already pregnant with their first son.

Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn at a film festival

Their second son followed four years later. There must have been love between Mark and Elizabeth to have two children together. They did last 12 years, even though Mark Cohn admitted recently that the couple had been having long-standing issues. He did not elaborate what those issues were; he wants to protect his family’s privacy and most certainly his sons.

But it is probably fair to say that Elizabeth Vargas’ alcoholism had something to do with those issues. She admitted to having struggled with alcohol abuse for a decade in 2013 when she first went into rehab. Her husband had been the only one to know and he had confronted her long before she went into rehab first.

Elizabeth admitted that she had been very, very angry at Mark’s accusations when he first confronted her about her drinking habits, but ultimately she had to admit that he was right. Alcoholism has been classified as a disease. It’s not an easy thing to admit to it, let alone take steps to battle it actively. It affects everybody and everything. It would have affected her marriage and, to some degree, potentially even the relationship with her sons.

The news anchor admitted that it ended up affecting her ability to work when she showed up and realized that she was too drunk to be in front of the camera. Alcoholics will only admit that something is wrong when they have hit rock bottom.

Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn with son

So Elizabeth went into rehab and around the same time her marriage finally fell apart.

In March 2014 allegations that Mark had been cheating on his wife with a mutual friend whilst she was in rehab emerged. Mark vehemently denied this, but made no further comments in order to protect his family. Friends and sources all had differing opinions, but rumors of the couple’s separation were among them.

Others argued that Mark and Elizabeth were still living together and had not officially separated. The fact that he was only seen out to dinner with that friend seemed to make him look guilty, even though nobody even claimed to have witnessed any intimacy between him and the woman.

Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn seem to be happy

Only in October 2014 the couple’s separation became official knowledge. Elizabeth had gone into rehab again after realizing that she needed further help. Mark never showed anything but support for her and it became public knowledge that he and his estranged wife were in the middle of divorce mediation. Apparently they had been separated since winter the previous year, but the couple had continued to live together to make the transition easier on their children, who were and are their primary concern, and for Mark to be able to support Elizabeth during her recovery.

To this day Mark Cohn denies that he cheated on his estranged wife. Elizabeth Vargas has never commented on it either and apart from very little evidence, it doesn’t seem a likely situation. Even if he had had any sort of intimate encounter with the woman in question, he would have been separated from his wife at the time.

Lately it’s been said of Elizabeth that she has been seeing Dave Davis, a former colleague and now WABC/Channel 7 manager, but he has been a long-time friend, whom she has been leaning on during her difficult time.

Whilst the divorce appears to be as amicable as possible, one only wants to rely on an ex so much. Mark and Elizabeth are certainly dedicated co-parents, but Mark is probably no longer a shoulder to cry on for Elizabeth. So she turned to a friend and no one can claim that there is any more to it. Elizabeth Vargas has enough to do with the divorce, her recovery and being a mother to two underage boys to think of dating so soon.

The divorce does not appear to be finalized yet, but it is likely going to be settled soon. Hopefully the exes can proceed to settle down into some sort of normal life in the aftermath and simply raise their sons. Happiness will come later, recovery should come first.


Marc Cohn and Elizabeth Vargas at an event Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn look graceful

Elizabeth Vargas looks pretty

Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn at the Hudson Premiere 50th New York Film festival