How a kiss from Shane Warne hailed the divorce of Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar

Despite her very public and tumultuous love life, Elizabeth Hurley has only been married and divorced once. She may not get married again too soon. Divorce finalized June 15, 2011

Liz Hurley rose to fame more through her association with Hugh Grant than through any of her own doing. She was his girlfriend for 13 years, after all, and even stood by him when he gained notoriety after being caught soliciting the services of a prostitute in 1995.

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She stayed with him another five years and it was in 2000 that the pair announced their amicable split. Fortunately they did not need to go through a divorce as they had never married. Despite their long relationship, they also did not have children.

Most unexpectedly Elizabeth became pregnant in the second half of 2001 and claimed that Steve Bing was the child’s father. Bing denied this and only confirmed that the couple had a brief non-exclusive relationship, but a DNA test confirmed his paternity. Interestingly Hugh Grant is the boy’s godfather.

Elizabeth started dating Arun Nayar in late 2002, when her son was barely six months old. Clearly Arun was not bothered by this despite coming from a rather traditional background. For all intents and purposes he became the boy’s father.

Liz and Arun only married in 2007, almost five years into their relationship. First they married in Elizabeth’s native England and then in Arun’s native India, where they had a traditional Hindu wedding.

Sadly, their marriage did not last as long as their relationship preceding the wedding. When Elizabeth was photographed kissing Australian cricketer Shane Warne in December 2010, she was forced to announce that she and Arun had already been separated for a few months and that their families and friends were aware of this.

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Shane had to do the same as he was still officially known to be in a relationship with his ex-wife, from whom he had been divorced since 2007 but had reconciled with in 2009.

Apparently Elizabeth had even visited Arun’s parents to inform them personally that she and their son would be divorcing, which included an apology. There seems to be a certain decorum required when partners, who had a Hindu wedding, divorce. Rumor has it that the family wasn’t overly saddened by the news. Apparently they had never really gotten along with Liz and likely didn’t approve of the relationship.

In April 2011 Elizabeth filed for divorce on the grounds of Arun’s “unreasonable behaviour”, which is what “irreconcilable differences” are called in Britain. Unlike in the US, the couple did not have to wait for six months before the divorce was granted. A judge formally granted them a decree nisi, which dissolved their marriage only six weeks after the divorce was filed.

It has been reported that neither Liz nor Arun requested any spousal support from the other. Despite not having signed a pre-nuptial agreement, neither of them wanted any money from the divorce.

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In the meantime Elizabeth started seeing Shane Warne for real and Arun moved on when he started dating model Kim Johnson, who was 25 at the time.

Elizabeth even became engaged to Shane, but in 2013 they ended their engagement before they made the mistake of marrying and have been separated ever since.

Elizabeth is not one to stay single for long, however. Last year she has been linked to David Yarrow and at the beginning of this year rumor had it that she had a date with Calum Best, before he moved into the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Her current relationship status is unclear, but she will likely be seeing a new man sooner rather than later.


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