Eliza Coupe gets divorced and then married within eight months

Many bemoaned that Eliza Coupe did not get a happy ending after her show was cancelled and her husband filed for divorce. Now she is married again and all seems well. Divorce finalized in April 2014

Eliza Coupe once admitted that she started dating her ex-husband Randall Whittinghill, because of his resemblance to Johnny Depp. Whilst that doesn’t seem like a great basis for a relationship, the two managed to be together for 12 years before they separated.

The couple kept a pretty low key relationship, so not much is actually known. Eliza Coupe was also not as successful as she has become in recent years, and the gossip magazines didn’t pay a lot of attention to her.

The comedian first made a splash in 2006 with her one-woman show The Patriots and has since been steadily working, gaining fame along the way. She married Randall in 2007, just as her star began to rise, albeit slowly.

The couple officially separated on their fifth wedding anniversary in December 2012. At the time Eliza starred in critically acclaimed show Happy Endings. Early in 2013 the show was cancelled and the news was followed by Randall filing officially for divorce.

Every news outlet that had anything to say about the story, called Eliza doubly unlucky and bemoaned that she didn’t appear to be getting her own happy ending. That seemed especially true, when details of the divorce settlement became known.

Eliza Coupe and Darin Olien Wedding

Randall, who is an acting coach and a puppeteer does not seem to make a real living for himself and had requested spousal support. Apparently he was not only granted monthly payments of $7,000, but also a lump sum of $306,000 as part of the settlement. That seems to be rather excessive, but in an interview from June 2014 Eliza called her divorce “quite amicable”, even though it was the hardest thing she ever had to go through.

Thankfully the spousal support only has to be paid for two year or until Randall gets married again, which is likely not going to happen.

Now, it does not seem as if Eliza had to go through all of this by herself, though. When they announced the news of their engagement in November 2014, it was said that Darin Olien and Eliza had been dating for about a year.

Surely Darin would have been there for her, when she went through her divorce.The couple definitely didn’t waste any time either. Less than a month after announcing their engagement, they married on Christmas Eve whilst vacationing in New Zealand.

Eliza certainly had an eventful year in 2014. She lost a show then gained a new one, she lost a husband and then gained a new one. Overall it would seem she started 2015 in a happier place than 2014 and since she probably didn’t start dating Darin, because he looks like somebody else, chances are they may even get a happily ever after.

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