Eddie Murphy has every reason to marry again – but never wants another divorce

Despite his many relationships and many children, Eddie Murphy has only ever been married once and thus been divorced once. Whilst he would marry again, he wouldn’t want another divorce.

Divorce finalized in 2006

Eddie Murphy and his women have a certain notoriety. He has several children out of wedlock, which in itself is not a big deal. But it is noteworthy to say that he has eight children with four women and his ninth child with his current girlfriend on the way.

Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy arrive at an event

At the same time he has only been legally married once, notably with Nicole Murphy, who is mother to five of his children.

Keeping track of Eddie and his women and his children with them is a feat unto itself. His two eldest children were born in the same year to two women, one of whom Nicole and the other Paulette McNeely, with whom he had had apparently a brief affair.

His son Chris was born to Tamara Hood Johnson, who is also pretty much unknown. This would have to have been a fairly short affair as well, because Eddie already had a child with future wife Nicole at that point.

His next four kids were all born to Nicole and whilst he was not entirely faithful to her (there was a rather public situation in 1997 where Eddie appeared to be soliciting the services of a transvestite prostitute), there were no further children with any other women until after his marriage with Nicole was effectively over.

Paige Butcher-Eddie Murphy current girlfriend

Whilst there’s no public record as to what led to the divorce of Nicole and Eddie, we can guess that his unfaithfulness may have been one of the reasons. Nicole filed citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ and the couple left it at that.

Ultimately there were no hard feelings and Nicole went on record saying that she and Eddie are very much friends these days, which is certainly owed to the fact that they’ve been raising five children in joint custody.

After his divorce Eddie had a brief affair with ex-Spice Mel B, which again infamously resulted in a pregnancy. Eddie denied his fatherhood until daughter Angel was born and a DNA test indeed confirmed that she was his. He’s been mostly an absent father to his youngest child to date, but it is said he has made efforts towards getting to know her better in recent years.

Eddie very nearly got married again in 2008. This time to then-girlfriend Tracey Edmonds. The two even had a symbolic ceremony on Bora Bora and planned to be married properly upon their return home. But only two weeks after the ceremony the two announced their split, telling everyone that they loved and respected each other as friends, but nothing else.

Nicole Murphy with current husband Michael Strahan

Since 2012 Eddie has been together with girlfriend Paige Butcher. It’s the longest relationship he has had with anyone beside his marriage to Nicole. The two are definitely going strong and Paige appears to be getting along quite well with some of his children. In November the couple announced that Paige was pregnant, expecting Eddie Murphy’s 9th child.

Of course, some do wonder if he will marry Paige eventually. Eddie himself has said that he is not opposed to getting married again. He only said that he wouldn’t want another divorce, because the first one was bad enough.

The safest way not to get another divorce, however, is to not get married again in the first place. And given his track record with women, this might be the better option for him.

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Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy dayout

Nicole Murphy hugs Michael Strahan

Nicole Murphy and Eddie Murphy with kids

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan snapped at an event

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy pose for a photoshoot

Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy snapped at an event

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