Dwyane Wade’s Divorce Battle with Siohvaughn Funches

Dwyane's prolonged and ugly divorce involved uncomfortable claims of physical abuse, cheating and STDs by Siohvaughn Funches. He has since moved on, dating and breaking up with Gabrielle Union, had a child with a friend, only to get back with Union.

Dwyane Wade with then wife, Siohvaughn Funches.

Dwyane with then wife, Siohvaughn Funches.

NBA star Dwyane Wade’s personal life continues to spin new stories for the curious. This New Year started off for Dwyane with a fresh bombshell, as the newly engaged player had to face fresh accusations from his ex-wife.

Sensational leaked court documents have revealed that Siohvaughn Wade has accused Dwyane of being physically abusive towards her as well as cheating on her with his current fiancee even while still being married to her. Siohvaughn has claimed that Dwyane had also infected her with a sexually transmitted disease.

But, in her latest salvo, Siohvaughn has sued her ex-husband’s divorce attorney, James Pritikin and the city of Dolton for conspiracy against her. According to her, they conspired to falsely arrest her for child abduction when after one of her visitation weekends; she had failed to get her kids back to Dwyane. She said that the cops had brutally attacked her as a result of which she had to suffer not only physical injuries such a torn rotator cuff and asthma attack, but also had to go through a panic attack.

The Miami Heat star may have been given nick names like D-Wade and Flash, but his protracted divorce battle with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches has been anything but fast! Dwyane filed for divorce in 2007, and though he was granted divorce in 2010, his long and messy divorce took nearly six years to come to a conclusion in 2013.

Dwyane married his high school sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches, in 2002. According to Siohvaughn, they met when they were both in fifth grade and it was Dwyane’s troubled family life that brought them closer and they started dating at 15. After marriage and son, the young couple eked out an existence till his getting drafted. Dwyane soon hit super-stardom and all the glamour and money that resulted as a consequence, led to them drifting away from each other. Siohvaughn has alleged that he was physically abusive, had infected her with STD and deserted her  as soon as he found stability, claims that Dwyane refutes.

Dwyane Wade reads a book with his sons, Zaire and Zion.

Dwyane reads a book with his sons, Zaire and Zion.

The divorce battle ran for more than four years and centered on custody rights of their two young sons Zaire and Zion. To Siohvaughn Funches’ dismay, in 2011 her ex-husband Dwyane got sole custodial rights of both the kids, while she got only visitation rights. After a series of allegations and counter allegations about the custody, she is now fighting for a share of the almost $11.5 million he makes out of his endorsements. Recently, she took to the streets in protest despite an alleged divorce settlement of $5 million and calling herself ‘homeless’. Dwyane’s lawyers have refuted her claims and have stated that she had been provided for very well and ensured financial security.

Dwyane started dating actress Gabrielle Union who is almost ten years older than him, in 2009.  Gabrielle Union had been previously married to former football player Chris Howard since 2001; she later divorced him in 2005. Now, she regrets the fact that she had made a mistake then, by rushing into her first marriage, due to outside pressures.

Dwyane and Gabrielle Union split sometime early in 2013 claiming career demands. After the split, Dwyane  got involved with longtime friend Aja Metoyer and had a baby with her. His son, Xavier Zechariah Wade has been dubbed by the media as his ‘Break baby.’ Soon after, Dwyane and Gabrielle Union got engaged by the end of 2013.

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Dwyane Wade with fiancée Gabrielle Union.

Dwyane with fiancée Gabrielle Union.

Gabrielle Union with her then husband, Chris Howard.

Gabrielle Union with her then husband, Chris Howard.

Aja Metoyer, mother of Dwyane Wade's 'break baby.'

Aja Metoyer, mother of Dwyane’s ‘break baby.’