Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson may be divorced but they are partners for life

Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson divorced after 17 years together (10 of those married). But even nine years later they are still co-parents to their daughter and business partners as well. Divorce finalized in May 2008

They met at university and were married in 1997 after having been together for 7 years already. Three years later daughter Simone was born.

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Dwayne Johnson was one of the few WWE wrestling champions, who made a successful jump into another career, namely acting. Since his debut on The Mummy in 2001 he has starred in countless movies and he even founded his own production company in 2012.

But things weren’t always so rosy for Dwayne. After failing to get into the NFL and also not getting into the Canadian league, he felt so down on his luck that he just wanted to walk away and wallow in a depression. Someone was looking out for him, however, and Dwayne ended up making a name for himself as “The Rock” as a WWE champion, one of the biggest of his time.

Dany was always at his side.

Wrestlers are notoriously bad at staying married successfully, but Dwayne had already made the jump into acting by the time his marriage broke down. When he and Dany announced that they were to divorce in June 2007, the couple stated clearly that their relationship may have changed in certain ways, but that they would continue to remain vitally important to each other, which included co-parenting their then 7 – year old daughter.

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And they stayed true to their word. Not only was the divorce settlement entirely amicable with both of them paying money into a joint fund for daughter Simone, Dwayne also paid some $22K in child support every month, but both of them forfeited alimony. Dany was and is very successful in her own right and didn’t need any of Dwayne’s money.

It was with Dany that Dwayne founded his production company. They’re both equal partners in the venture and continue to work together.

When Dwayne had his hand and foot prints eternalized at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood he was not only accompanied by his long-time girlfriend Lauren Hashian, but also by ex Dany, her new husband, who became Dwayne’s strength trainer at some point after the marriage, and their daughter Simone. Clearly everyone is on good terms here and one couldn’t hope for a better outcome when two people divorce.

But the question remains, why did they?

Dwayne Johnson and girlfriend Lauren Hashian look happy together

Some blame Lauren for the split. Apparently Dwayne began seeing her in 2007 and he definitely did go on vacation with her in 2008. But he also said that he met Lauren when he was at his worst and has admitted to falling into a depression after his divorce. That seems to indicate that he only met after he split from Dany.

It’s also somewhat doubtful that everyone would be on such good terms, if Lauren were directly involved in the break-up.

Perhaps Dany and Dwayne simply fell out of love. They lost their romantic connection, but since they continued to remain friends, there was no reason to dissolve their relationship entirely.

At the end of the day only Dany, Dwayne and perhaps Lauren know what happened back then. It didn’t break up their family, which is more important than anything else.

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Dany Garcia & Dwayne Johnson look happy with daughter Simone