Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell are still married despite cheating allegations and divorce rumours

A few years ago some rather unpleasant allegations and divorce rumours made the rounds about Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell. Have they truly overcome those now?

You will be excused, if you’ve never heard of the allegations that Will Smith has been having an affair with his good friend Duane Martin. Those rumours aren’t new, mind you. In fact, they have apparently been around for years.

Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin share a laugh

Duane and Will have been friends a long time. Duane and Tisha have been married since 1996. A year longer than Will and Jada.

Duane and Tisha have two sons. Their first crisis hit in 2007 when TMZ spread a rumour that Duane was set to end his 11-year marriage after coming out. Well, Duane never actually came out. He and Tisha went on record together saying that nothing can touch their 17-year relationship, especially not unfounded rumours.

When asked if they were getting a divorce, Tisha answered with a resounding “hell no!”.

But five years later the rumours were still not buried. In fact, new allegations made the rounds. Apparently Duane was so desperate to get out of his marriage that he allowed their four homes to foreclose just so he wouldn’t have to hand anything over to her in their divorce.

It’s been reported that Duane had failed to pay the mortgages, which is why the homes were foreclosed. One would assume, however, that the couple’s combined income would allow them to pay their mortgages. And if payments were a problem, why not downsize?

Duane Martin and Will Smith snapped together

Be that as it may, once more divorce rumours had the blogosphere abuzz, this time not just reiterating Duane’s relationship with Will Smith, but also alleging that Tisha had had same-sex liaisons and additionally slept with Damon Wayans and Martin Lawrence when she was co-starring on shows with them.

It’s even been said that Duane and Tisha have an open marriage, which was increasingly becoming their undoing.

Thus far the couple has shot down any rumours and have always shown up as a united front. They simply seem to have decided that tabloid gossip can’t hurt them and moved on.

For all we can see, the two are actually quite happy together and very supportive of each other, especially after Tisha came out as a rape victim last year. Whilst the incident happened in her childhood, Duane seems to be someone she can easily lean on. The two have been together for over 20 years now, which makes this hardly surprising.

What is slightly curious, though, is that any divorce rumours that Will Smith has to go through with his wife Jada never include rumours about him being gay.

Tisha and Duane will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary next year. If they are going to have a party, Will and Jada are likely going to be there. Let’s hope that this won’t fuel more divorce rumours.

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Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin snapped together

Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin snapped at a red carpet event

Will Smith hugging Duane Martin