Drew Barrymore is facing her third divorce – but it wasn’t a complete failure

Drew Barrymore’s first two marriages lasted mere months each. Her third one was supposed to be the last one, when she finally founded her own family and settled down.

Drew Barrymore was long the wild child of Hollywood. She found stardom at only 7 years of age and was unequipped to handle it. The lack of support from her parents didn’t help, which resulted in her first rehab at age 14 and her emancipation from her parents at age 15.

Drew Barrymore and first boyfriend Leland Hayward

Being emancipated didn’t stop her from making immature decisions, however. She was 16 when she was engaged for the first time. Her chosen one was Leland Hayward (24 at the time), grandson of the producer of the same name. It didn’t last, however, and the engagement was called off before the wedding.

In 1994, when Drew was 19 years old, she married bar owner Jeremy Thomas. Less than two months later she filed for divorce and it was reportedly a split that could not be considered amicable.

In July 2001, still nowhere near reaching emotional maturity, Drew married comedian Tom Green. They had been dating since 1999 and were engaged in 2000. It was Tom who filed for divorce about five months later, in December 2001. It took much longer for the divorce to be finalized than the marriage actually lasted. It was all over and settled by October 2002.

Drew Barrymore with second husband Jeremy Thomas


That second divorce seems to have been more amicable, especially considering that Drew and Tom starred in two movies together before the divorce became final, but after it had been filed.

As Drew grew older one got the impression that her wild days were over. She was still quirky and free-spirited, but she remained scandal and drug free. She did, however, make news every now and then for changing boyfriends.

At least she didn’t jump into any more marriages.

In 2011 she began dating Will Kopelman, who is the son of Ariel Kopelman, former Chanel CEO. Will was everything none of her previous husbands and partners were: stable, reliable, unpretentious.

Drew later admitted that it wasn’t love at first sight. She didn’t even really consider him ‘the One’, which is a rather romantic notion of what we expect our partners to be anyway. Instead it was a gradual falling in love. She also fell in love with his family and with the idea of starting her own family, something Will seemed to be the perfect candidate for.

Drew Barrymore and third husband Tom Green

Having found the man she could imagine herself having children with, Drew and Will married in June 2012. Some say their honeymoon didn’t last very long at all. But Drew was already very pregnant with their first daughter, who was born in September 2012. The two were committed and whether or not the rumours are true, they made their relationship work, even if it meant lots of small compromises.

In April 2014 their second daughter was born. Both girls are Drew’s pride and joy and there’s no doubt that she loves them dearly. There is also no doubt that Will loves his daughters just as much.

But there was trouble on the horizon and by the end of last year the couple pretty much led separate lives. Drew was invested in her business ventures and made new movies all the time. Whilst that didn’t keep her from being a committed mother, it kept her from being a committed wife. Will is apparently more of a homebody and whilst he showed up on the red carpet to support his wife, he didn’t travel with her.

Drew Barrymore and current husband Will Kopelman

In the end all the little compromises that have kept them together for nearly four years didn’t work out. Will and Drew announced on the 2nd April 2016 that they were separating to divorce. Their primary commitment would be to their daughters, which seems to have been the case all along anyway.

Will has his head reportedly screwed on right. He’s organized and level-headed and whilst saddened by the split, he and Drew are apparently still friends. That is good news where the divorce is concerned.

Drew called her divorce a failure. Given that it is her third one, this is not entirely unsurprising. From what we know about their marriage, it seems that Drew and Will were simply too different in the long run. They can be friends and co-parents, but they are not a couple that should be romantically involved.

Drew Barrymore and Leland Hayward look happy

Still, Drew’s divorce doesn’t mean her marriage was a complete failure. She became a mother and it has grounded her more than anything else previously has. She absolutely adores her girls and that certainly isn’t a failure.

Apparently she still believes in love, and why shouldn’t she? But will she get married again? Perhaps Drew and marriage simply don’t go together. It happens. She can have a family without a husband and Drew and Will stated in the announcement that they still consider each other a family.

Perhaps Drew simply needs to embrace the fact that her life isn’t conventional. That’s not the end of the world.

Oddly enough, there’s been a rumour that Drew is pregnant again. Whilst the rumour has been debunked, looking at recent pictures of Drew makes one wonder, if there might be more to it after all. We’ll have to wait a little while to find out the truth on this one.

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An expecting Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman relax

Tom Green and Drew Barrymore look happy together

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman dayout

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green hug

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