Tommy Manzo cheated on Dina Manzo even before their marriage and now they are divorcing – what a surprise…

Dina Manzo has a reputation of only being with men who are wealthy. She married Tommy Manzo, who’s certainly one of those, despite him cheating on her even before the nuptials. Divorce not yet finalized

What’s more surprising is that she stayed married to him for seven years. The wedding was part of VH1’s My Big Fabulous Wedding show and cost a reported $1.1 Million in 2007.

Dina Manzo and Tommy Manzo say cheese

Apparently the couple had 600 guests, many of whom invited by Tommy without checking back with Dina, who then had to rearrange everything.

Interestingly she spoke even before the nuptials about how Tommy had cheated on her, which he reportedly admitted to as well. Yet Dina went ahead and married him anyway. A cynic would say she had it coming, though that’s a sad way to look at it.

Somehow they made it work for seven years and even when the couple separated, Dina didn’t run to a divorce lawyer right away. She waited. She still lived at home with her daughter, who’s from a previous marriage, and reportedly even slept with Tommy on occasion.

It’s been said of Dina that she has a very low self-esteem and there’s most definitely a suggestion that she validates herself through her relationships with wealthy men.

Dina Manzo and Tommy Manzo look relaxed

It seems to be a given that a Real Housewives of New Jersey star (or any of the other related shows) leads a messy personal life with complicated relationships in it. Dina has reportedly fallen out with her own sister, who is also somewhat domineering. She’s not always gotten along with her co-stars and her own husband never treated her very respectfully.

Dina only really dotes on her daughter, with whom she has a very strong relationship. She’s engaged in children’s charities, perhaps inspired by her daughter, as well as animal rescue, because of her own rescue dog, who is missing both her front legs.

Whilst Dina is no saint and not a victim, she has a good heart for some good causes at least.

Ironically some reports claim that she herself had an affair, which ended up breaking up her marriage. It’s no secret that Tommy continued cheating on her, allegedly even with at least one man and apparently it’s an open secret that he’s bisexual. But it was her stepping out with another man that broke up the marriage?Dina Manzo and boyfriend Dave Cantin at work

Apart from the fact that she maintains that she never cheated on Tommy whilst they were still together, she did apparently see a married man after they separated. She’s been linked most recently to business man Dave Cantin, a few years her junior, though he doesn’t look it. Dave himself is also going through a divorce.

Dave is also a reasonably wealthy man, once more confirming where Dina’s priorities seem to be.

Her divorce to Tommy Manzo has yet to be finalized. It’s strange what’s taking so long given that there was a prenup and Dina won’t be getting any money unless it’s been specifically mentioned in the prenup.

It’s said, though, that the divorce has been mostly amicable. Tommy has apparently moved on with another woman, the two have no children to worry about and Dina’s own daughter is likely headed for college soon.

Perhaps Dina will be luckier with her next man and perhaps it would do her some good to be financially independent from men.


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