How Dina Eastwood made it through the divorce she thought would never happen

Dina Eastwood managed to stay married to infamous ladies' man Clint Eastwood for 18 years. Since she filed for divorce he has already dated two women. Divorce finalized December 2014

Somehow one is inclined to think that Dina should have known better. Clint doesn’t seem the type to settle down with one woman permanently. His first marriage was over long before he was officially divorced and during his marriage to Maggie Johnson he had a child with another woman before he had children with his first wife.

Dina Eastwood & Clint Eastwood in a cheerful mood

His long-term relationship to Sondra Locke ended in such a disaster that Sondra called him a monster in her auto-biography. During his relationship with her he also cheated on her, twice with the same woman, each time producing another child.

None of this was a secret by the time Dina met Eastwood. But the two seem to have hit it off fairly quickly and began dating in 1995. The marriage followed soon in 1996 as did their one and only daughter together, the last of Clint’s seven children.

Admittedly, Mr. Eastwood wasn’t getting any younger and perhaps for a while he decided to settle down and simply be happy with his second wife. There’s never been so much as a rumor that he ever stepped out on her. And for all appearances they seemed a happy, rock-solid couple. They kept their lives mostly private and were a harmonious couple for all the world to see.

But in 2013 Dina Eastwood announced that she and Clint had been living apart for some time and she was filing for divorce. She requested spousal support and full custody of their then 16-year old daughter.

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Close observers believe that they can pinpoint the downfall of their marriage to the reality TV show Mrs. Eastwood and Company, featuring Dina, her daughter Morgan and step-daughter Francesca. Clint Eastwood appeared a few times on the show and seemed rather uncomfortable.

He is a very private man. He famously told documentary maker Michael Moore once that he would shoot him should he ever knock on his door. Having a film crew for a reality show inside his house could not have made him happy. The man was reportedly furious about the show.

And whilst they still lived at the same house, Eastwood had apparently stopped wearing his wedding ring and they were no longer sharing a bedroom.

Eventually it transpired that Clint Eastwood had started dating Erica Fisher. Her ex-husband had apparently provided great support to Dina during her trying separation from Clint. Allegedly at a loss about how to deal with the situation, Erica then reached out to Clint and the two ended up dating.

Clint Eastwood and Dina Eastwood at an Awards function

According to sources, so did Scott Fisher and Dina Eastwood, not unlike in an episode of wife swap.

The situation seemed pretty bizarre and that is what Dina called it in an interview with Bethanny Frankel. She candidly admitted that she would never have thought she would ever divorce. And if it did happen, she had hoped it would be amicable and that she and Clint would just be “cool” about it all and breeze through the whole thing. Not so.

Clint Eastwood allegedly declined to pay spousal support to Dina and he wanted shared physical custody of their daughter. Their disagreement meant that the divorce proceedings were rather prolonged.

Dina told Bethanny that she had cried many times and it hadn’t been easy on her, but bit by bit she tried finding her strength again. She also never really blamed Clint for any of this. She called him the sweetest man she ever met and said that there were people around him, who greatly influenced the bizarreness of the situation.

But do we really want to believe than anybody could make the iconic Clint Eastwood do anything that he didn’t want to do, or say anything that he didn’t mean to? He’s not just anyone.

Be that as it may, Dina said no more about the divorce and in December 2014 it was finalized. Their custody fight had become a moot point as their daughter was no longer underage. Their financial settlement has not been disclosed and it is doubtful if Dina would be permitted to breathe a word about it.

She can breathe a sigh of relief now, though. She’s a single woman once more. It’s not clear if she is currently dating anyone and maybe it’s for the better now. Clint on the other hand is now with Christina Sandera, who is reportedly living with him already. Let’s not speak of the fact that some of his children are older than his current girlfriend.


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