In their five years of marriage they had it all, now Diego Luna and Camila Sodi are divorced

Diego Luna’s marriage lasted only five years, but he and ex-wife Camila Sodi moved fast from beginning to end. Divorce finalized by October 2013

They met on the set of El Búfalo de la Noche in 2007. They had to have been smitten with one another right from the start, because they married only a year later and Camila was already three months pregnant by then.

Camila Sodi and Diego Luna romantic photoshoot

The couple seemed happy and always put on a united front, but as early as 2009 Diego was seen cosying up to a woman who was certainly not his wife. Her name was Pamela Manzur and photos of her and Diego look decidedly intimate. No comment was made by either party, and Diego and Camila made sure to show up as a happy couple in public.

In 2010 their daughter was born and onlookers thought that perhaps all was well after all, but long before the couple announced their separation in March 2013, they were besieged by rumors of their impending split.

Diego Luna & Camila Sodi day out with kids

There were whispers of Diego’s unfaithfulness, but when pictured with his family, it was always obvious how much he cared at least for his children. Camila may not have been entirely happy, perhaps even restless. She had been a model and an actress before she had Diego’s children and had decided to finally fulfil a lifelong dream of going into the music business.

She wanted to sing and eventually she made an album. Rumor has it that Diego wanted her to be a stay-at-home mother, however. His wife would raise the children and he would be the bread-winner. If true, it would seem a conservative request, especially for a man of just 32, though someone’s age is not an indicator of their values.

Pamela Manzur-Diego Luna's one time girlfriend

But it was a lot to ask of his wife, who was only 26 at the time and still finding herself. Very few women in their mid-twenties are nowadays happy to dedicate their lives to their children alone and tend to have higher aspirations. Especially when they had already been standing on their own two feet making a living with the things they loved to do.

Whatever the case may be, the couple mutually decided to divorce and promised to do so in a cordial and respectful way, despite the difficulty of the situation. With two young children to consider, it was rather more difficult for two people as young as Diego and Camila.

The divorce was finalized by October 2013. Chances are that Diego had to agree to pay child-support and alimony, but details of the divorce settlement are not known. That at least means that it was a quiet divorce, probably as amicable as possible.

Diego has since been linked to more than one woman and has last been said to be dating Paulina Davila.

Camila on the other hand is not known to be dating anyone, which can hardly be surprising. She has two young children to look after and probably still a career to work on.


Paulina Davila-Diego Luna's new found love

Diego Luna and Paulina Davila enjoy a tennis match

Camila Sodi and Diego Luna cuteness

Camila Sodi and Diego Luna at an event

Camila Sodi and Diego Luna-star stunners!

Camila Sodi and Diego Luna look so happy

Camila Sodi and Diego Luna waving fans

Camila Sodi and Diego Luna with their kids

Camila Sodi and Diego Luna at a brand promotional