The tumultuous marriage between Diane Lane and Josh Brolin ends in divorce

In hindsight it seems like the union of a good girl to a bad boy, but Diane Lane and Josh Brolin were married for nine years. Now they’re going their separate ways. Divorce finalized December 2, 2013.

They had crossed paths more than once before they started dating in 2002. Diane Lane and Josh Brolin had been in the same industry for many years, after all, and had met whilst Diane was still married to Christopher Lambert, with whom she has an adult daughter.

Josh Brolin & Diane Lane happy times

The pair married in 2004 with both their children in attendance as well as his father James Brolin and step-mother Barbra Streisand. With only 70 other guests at the ceremony, it was a fairly private affair by Hollywood standards.

However, just a few months into their marriage there appeared to be trouble in paradise. Josh was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery when Diane called the police on him. Diane did not press charges against Josh and it was later declared to be an embarrassing misunderstanding. Josh said on record that he had essentially been a jerk to her and Diane wouldn’t put up with it. But they had never intended for it to go this far. Unfortunately the police had no choice but to arrest Josh when they arrived as it was required procedure.

The couple appeared to be very loving and repeatedly gushed about one another over the years. There were certainly no further incidences reported at their home, but Josh had been arrested on several occasions usually involving alcohol and some sort of altercation.Given that they remained married for another eight years after the incident, it does not seem likely that anything serious actually transpired at the time. But Josh was certainly no angel and had several run-ins with the law in the following years.

He said he never cheated on Diane Lane and there have never been allegations to say otherwise, but his alcohol and substance abuse must have taken their toll on the relationship. When his interview with Men’s Journal hit the shelves, he admitted to drug abuse, jail time and theft in his youth. He did so candidly, but without much regret it seems.Diane- Lane romances ex husband Christopher Lambert

Only a month after the interview came out in January 2013, it was announced that Diane and Josh were ending their marriage and that they had been separated for a few months already. It was Diane who filed for divorce in February.

The situation was quite amicable, however, and Diane only cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. She did not request spousal support and it was reported that the pair had made private arrangements to settle their finances. Neither of them breathed a bad word about the other during the divorce proceedings or after and it is said that the relationship had simply run its course.

Diane- Lane romances ex husband Christopher Lambert

Rumor has it that Barbra Streisand supported Diane during the process and that the family was supportive of the divorce. Not long after the divorce announcement Josh checked himself into rehab after another alcohol induced brawl and declared that he was done with alcohol once and for all. It seems to have caused him enough trouble and one wonders, if it may not have contributed to the end of his marriage as well.

Whilst no official reason was given for the divorce of Diane Lane and Josh Brolin, his recent troubles and the admitted substance abuse would certainly qualify as contributing factors. Even if the relationship had indeed just run its course, the situation may well have been exacerbated by Josh’s alcohol problem.No other reasons seem to be apparent for the divorce and it wouldn’t be an unusual situation.

It would seem that Josh has sobered up and was last known to be dating his assistant Kathryn Boyd.

Diane Lane has not thrown herself into the dating scene just yet, but there’s little doubt that she has moved on and will find happiness again in due time.


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