Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger are not moving on easily after their split

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson were together for ten years without ever walking down the aisle. Now they have split up, but have they moved on yet?

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have been a couple since 2006. They got together around the time Diane divorced her first husband Guillaume Ganet, a French director she was married to for five years.

Diane Kruger with first husband Guillaume Canet

Joshua famously dated Katie Holmes during the first two seasons of their show Dawson’s Creek.

Diane’s first divorce was reportedly contentious, which is why she very quickly said that she wouldn’t get married again. Given how quickly she moved on with Joshua, one could have considered it a rebound relationship, but the two lasted against all odds.

They have frequently spoken about their relationship and a possible marriage. Diane wasn’t keen on getting married again. She failed at it once and didn’t want to fail at it again. Joshua was also not a big believer in marriage. He said that neither of the two were particularly religious and therefore alone not in a hurry to walk down the aisle.

Diane Kruger with second husband Joshua Jackson

He also said that commitment to each other was not determined by getting a marriage certificate and having a big party afterwards. Instead the people inside the relationship should determine if their relationship still worked and was worth the continued effort. If that wasn’t the case, then perhaps the relationship should end.

The couple managed to stay together for 10 years, usually looking quite happy with each other. It seemed that they had their priorities straight. They both had busy careers, but they did make time for each other as well.

When Joshua moved to New York for his off-Broadway play, Diane moved with him. It wasn’t an easy decision and she considered it an adult move to actually go with him, but at the time it seemed the right thing to do. The couple did have homes in various cities, but they hadn’t moved somewhere for each other before.

Norman Reedus-Diane Kruger's co-star & dating partner

Whilst the couple has been plagued by rumours of trouble in paradise for the last few months, their separation did come as a surprise. In July they announced their split, though it was said that they intended to remain friends.

The reasons for their split remain unclear, because neither of them has actually said anything about the separation. Of course, that doesn’t stop gossip magazines from speculating.

It’s been said that Joshua has been cheating on Diane several times over the years, but there’s absolutely no evidence for that. He did say monogamy wasn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean he cheated on Diane.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson look stunning

On the other hand Diane has been rumoured to be getting close to her co-star Norman Reedus. The two had reportedly been seen canoodling when they went out together. Whilst there have been a few ‘witnesses’ to this incident, no actual evidence has appeared. Neither of the two has commented in any way on the matter either.

Whatever the case may be, there were definitely no hard feelings between Joshua and Diane. The two have repeatedly been seen together after their official split. On one occasion they were very friendly with each other when Joshua dropped Diane off at the airport. One would certainly not have thought that the two were separated at all.

There have also been rumours that Joshua wants to get back with Diane, because he is still in love with her. On the other hand it’s been reported that he’s been dating here and there, but that nothing has really come of it.

Diane is not currently known to be dating anyone.

It’s unclear what the future holds for these two. They were together for a substantial amount of time and it’s doubtful that they simply fell out of love all of a sudden. Perhaps they will reconcile. Both of them have spoken about having children in the future. Diane at least shouldn’t be taking too long to get started on that.


Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson snapped at an event


Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson dayout

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