The ups and downs of Dennis Quaid’s and Kimberly Buffington’s divorce proceedings

Dennis Quaid is already twice divorced. In 2012 his current wife Kimberly Buffington filed for legal separation. After filing for divorce himself the pair reconciled and the divorce was dismissed.

Dennis Quaid’s first marriage to P.J. Soles lasted less than five years. He was only 24 years old when he was first married, it’s therefore no surprise that the marriage didn’t last, especially as his star in Hollywood was just on the rise.

P.J. Soles-Dennis Quaid’s first wife

In 1991 Dennis married for the second time. He and Meg Ryan were considered a dream couple who seemed perfect for each other. They had already starred in three movies together and were one of Hollywood’s matches made in heaven. Son Jack was born in 1992; he remained their only child together.

After it was alleged that Meg cheated on Dennis with Russell Crowe on the set of their movie, the marriage came to an end and was officially finalized in July 2001. Fans were in shock and it would appear so was Dennis. At some point he stated that divorce was one of the worst things that could happen to someone. It wasn’t just the shock of what had happened that took a toll on him, but he was depressed about the divorce and obviously angry at Meg.

Somehow the pair was able to salvage their friendship. They were granted joint custody of then nine-year old Jack and Dennis admitted that they would always be connected. After 13 years together that was just to be expected.

Dennis Quaid with his second wife Meg Ryan

In 2008 Meg Ryan said in an interview that Dennis had been cheating on her for years and that she had only become aware of the extent of it after their marriage was over. Dennis responded by saying that he couldn’t believe how she would rehash and retell the story of their marriage eight years after the fact. He neither denied nor confirmed the accusations, however.

In 2004 Dennis Quaid married real-estate agent Kimberly Buffington. Three years later they became parents of fraternal twins, who had been carried by a surrogate mother. Their marriage seems to have been happy for the most part. It was only when Kimberly filed a divorce petition early in 2012 that it became obvious that not all was well.

But in April she withdrew the papers and the couple moved to California, apparently having reconciled. Unfortunately that didn’t last very long and in October of the same year she once more filed for legal separation. She requested joint legal but sole physical custody. A few weeks later Dennis responded when he filed for divorce. He requested joint legal and physical custody and offered to pay spousal support to Kimberly.

Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington with their son at a sports event

It didn’t take very long before rumors emerged that the couple was reconciling once more. The press was unclear whether the divorce papers had been withdrawn or if the divorce had been finalized, because the proceedings had been too far advanced and they couldn’t pull the plug on it. The couple’s publicist steadfastly denied everything.

Yet Dennis Quaid and his wife were seen out and about on numerous occasions. They looked happy, appeared in the company of their children and were both wearing their wedding bands. In September 2013, after almost a year of ups and downs in their relationship and a lot of back and forth in their divorce proceedings, it became public knowledge that the divorce had indeed been dismissed by a judge. Despite both having signed the divorce papers, Dennis and Kimberly had clearly decided to give it another go and worked on their marriage to a point where reconciliation was not only a possibility but reality.

Since then the couple has been seen doing the things that couples do. They appear happy together and their family unit is intact. Perhaps they needed this year of confusion to find a way back to each other. Neither of them seems to have accused the other of anything untoward, though it had initially been said that Kimberly had wanted out of the marriage and that Dennis wasn’t a good husband.

Perhaps he became a better husband when he was faced with the possibility of being divorced for a third time. His divorce from Meg Ryan had clearly been painful enough for him and here is hoping that he and Kimberly will be able to work on their marriage and continue onwards as a happy family.


Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington day out with kids

Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington day out

Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington winter outing

Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington day out with daughter

Kimberly Buffington and Dennis Quaid at a movie premiere

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan at an event

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid holding hands