After three marriages and three divorces will Demi Moore ever settle down?

Demi Moore has been married and divorced three times now. Whilst her ex-husbands have moved on successfully, Demi has struggled and is still not really settled down. Divorce from Ashton Kutcher finalized on November 27, 2013

The first man she was married to was 12 years older than her. Freddy Moore, a singer, was also the one from whom she ended up taking her stage name, though apparently their marriage was never legal, because Freddy was still married at the time. In any case, Demi filed for divorce from him in 1984, four years after they had initially married. The divorce was finalized in 1985.

Demi Moore with her first husband Freddy Moore

For some time after that she was engaged to Emilio Estevez, but the engagement was called off before the deed was done.

Instead she married Bruce Willis in 1987. The pair made the picture perfect Hollywood power couple and apparently made sure that nothing tainted that image. They had three daughters together over the years. It came as a shock to many of their adoring fans, when the couple announced their separation in June 1998. Reportedly their relationship had been killed by the same thing that is the main contributor to the end of many other celebrity relationships: a busy schedule.

In the end they hardly spent time together anymore and rumor had it that Bruce Willis may not have been entirely faithful. He had been quite the lady’s man in the past, after all. He readily admitted that he thought that he had failed as a father to his daughters and husband to Demi.

Interestingly the divorce was only filed in October 2000, over two years after the couple separated. Devoted to their daughters, Bruce and Demi managed to maintain one of the friendliest relationships among Hollywood ex-couples. Demi was paidhandsomely in their divorce settlement and returned to the dating scene.

Emilio Estevez-Demi Moore's one time boyfriend

In 2003 she met Ashton Kutcher. When the pair went public with their relationship, quite a few eyebrows were raised given their 15-year age gap. Never mind that this would have caused no one to be surprised, had the age difference been the other way around. But apparently it is indecent for a woman to date somebody significantly younger than her.

Demi and Ashton didn’t care and eventually married in front of 150 guests consisting of family and friends in 2005. Bruce Willis attended as well, fully approving of the union. It is no secret that this patchwork family spent time together on numerous occasions. Demi and Ashton attended Bruce Willis’ wedding to Emma Heming in 2009 in turn.

The first sign that Ashton and Demi’s marriage was on the rocks showed up in 2010, when Ashton was accused of infidelity. Demi refused to believe any of it and the pair famously went to great length to show a united front. But when new allegations surfaced in 2011 that Ashton had been unfaithful once more, this time on or around their anniversary, it could no longer be ignored.

Demi Moore with her second husband Bruce Willis

Two months later Demi announced the end of her marriage and the way she chose her words indicated that the cheating rumors were not just rumors. Ashton responded saying that he would forever cherish his time with Demi, but that marriage is difficult and sometimes fails. He made no comment regarding the cheating allegations and it does seem likely that he indeed cheated on Demi. Whilst the marriage couldn’t be salvaged, one would hope that he made amends to Demi behind closed doors. Ashton doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but he is young and no doubt virile. Perhaps there had already been trouble between him and Demi, which caused him to carelessly step out on her.

Sadly, Demi had a rough year following her split from Ashton. First she seemed to have reacted badly after having smoked something that was not a cigarette, resulting in her being rushed to the hospital. Then she went into rehab for addiction problems. Ashton returned from a holiday as soon as he heard about her troubles, and reportedly it was Bruce Willis who took charge of Demi’s recovery. Sometime later Demi had a falling out with all three of her daughters, but later reconciled.

In the meantime Ashton started dating long-time friend and former cast-mate Mila Kunis. He filed officially for divorce from Demi in December 2012 citing irreconcilable differences.

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher get cozy

Demi, now recovered, filed her response in March 2013 and, oddly, requested spousal support and payment of her legal fees from Ashton. Given that her net worth is supposed to be much higher than Ashton’s, the request for spousal support seemed to be rather petty and not driven by an actual need for the money.

For much of 2013 the pair squabbled over money, unable to settle their differences and therefore unable to finalize their divorce. In November, however, it was reported that they had finally buried the hatchet and the divorce was settled on the 27th. Apparently Ashton had been more generous than he needed to be, but Demi did not get spousal support.

Demi is currently dating musician Sean Friday, who is all of 24 years younger than her. Apparently the couple has been together for about a year now and seem to be going strong. But the age difference could become a problem, should Sean ever want to have children. It is said that another reason for Demi’s split from Ashton was the fact that he very much wanted children, which she would have been unable to give him, being past child-bearing age.

Ashton, who is now engaged to Mila Kunis, has recently given a couple of interviews in which he was ecstatic about being a father to newborn daughter Wyatt. Fatherhood seems to suit him indeed.

Hopefully Demi will find lasting happiness as well.



Demi Moore with her current boyfriend Sean Friday

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher look romantic

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher all smiles

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher pose for a photoshootDemi Moore with her one time boyfriend Emilio Estevez