Pilar Sanders is apparently losing it over her divorce from slightly megalomaniac Deion Sanders

Listening to anything Pilar Sanders has said in recent year, one is excused for thinking she is crazy. But perhaps her divorce from Deion Sanders, who considers himself endorsed by God, is to be blamed.

Divorce finalized in June 2013

Nobody really cares anymore how Deion Sanders and his ex-wife Pilar met. We know she was his second wife and that he has three children with her. We also know that it was he who filed for divorce in December 2011.

Pilar Sanders & Deion Sanders hug

Pilar said she only found out about it via TMZ, but her former step-daughter said otherwise and Pilar herself said that she and Deion had talked about divorce before; apparently he had even presented her with papers a few months before finally filing.

For the longest time the continued living together, perhaps for the benefit of the children, perhaps because neither wanted to leave. Pilar allegedly wanted to fix the marriage and continued to consider herself living the married life whilst Deion wouldn’t have any of it and eventually began dating Tracey Edmonds.

It’s difficult to say if Pilar had some sort of nervous breakdown, but she certainly began to behave increasingly erratic.

At some point there were cheating allegations against both parties and both of them were said to have had affairs with much younger people. But there was no real evidence and in the end it didn’t much matter.

Pilar Sanders & Deion Sanders say cheese

Pilar began accusing Deion of emotional and physical abuse, she denied the validity of their prenup and wanted full custody of their children, because Deion was more or less an absent father. Deion for his part considered Pilar an unfit mother, who was more interested in launching her own career, and he also wanted full custody. His oldest daughter called Pilar a gold digger and accused her of cheating.

Whilst all of this sounds like your typical contentious divorce, it didn’t stop here. In April 2012 an incident took place at the estranged couple’s home and both parties give very different accounts of what happened. Deion simply claims that Pilar started kicking against a door and then proceeded to slap him, which resulted in him grabbing her around the waist and carrying her out of the room.

Deion Sanders with girlfriend Tracey Edmonds

She however tells of a very violent encounter, in which he choked her and slammed her against a wall and eventually started hitting her with a statue, resulting in a broken arm and smashed thumb. According to police reports, however, Pilar was booked for the night with only minor injuries, so she definitely broke her arm elsewhere.

She was charged with misdemeanour simple assault and a few days later so was Deion. A judge dropped both charges however, but Pilar was ordered to stay at least 500 feet away from the house afterwards.

If her story is true, how did the judge decide against her? One is inclined that she grossly exaggerated the narrative of events in her favour, mostly because of what happened later.

Deion is not necessarily a likeable character. When he talks about himself, he often invokes God, justice and truth. As a former NFL player and member of the Hall of Fame, he most certainly has an ego larger than life, which doesn’t appeal to everyone, but he’s never been accused of being violent or mistreating the women in his life or his children prior to his divorce from Pilar. So he has to be considered innocent, even if he takes himself way too seriously.

Pilar Sanders & Deion Sanders times together

Pilar only continued to dig herself deeper.

When the divorce was finally settled in June 2013 (Deion’s tweet confirming this is from the 28th of June), the prenup was considered valid (as it is often the case) and Deion gained full custody of all three children, with Pilar retaining visitation rights.

Deion once said that the prenup had been agreed upon in order to provide for Pilar and he would certainly be do so.

Unfortunately the drama wasn’t over yet. Pilar continued to fight for the children and though she never received custody of the kids, she ended up abusing her visitation rights. That resulted in her being jailed for seven days just before Christmas last year.

Deion said at the time that she had abused her visitation rights on 16 occasions and police officers had to show up several times to collect the children. Once they were taken by police and Pilar called Child Protective Services claiming that they had been kidnapped. She also declared that she didn’t recognize the police’s authority.

When she was sentenced to jail, she once more declared that she didn’t recognize the United States corporation, which has no jurisdiction over her, and would instead only be judged by what she called the Moroccan Empire, which doesn’t even exist.

Deion told the judge that his ex-wife tried to indoctrinate their children against him and that she was defaming him. As a result Pilar lost all visitation rights at the time, but has since regained a few.

It’s obvious that something is clearly not right with Pilar and she certainly needs help.

Deion in the meantime has continued his relationship with Tracey Edmonds and even though it’s not always been easy between them, they are still a couple as far as anyone knows.

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