Dean McDermott cheats and Tori Spelling forgives – or does she?

Dean McDermott confessed to cheating on Tori Spelling in 2013. Whilst divorce rumours made the rounds, the two remained married and still are. But why?

When Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott met on a movie set in 2005 they were both married to others. Tori had married just a year earlier in a lavish $1 Million ceremony, but her ex-husband Charlie Shanian filed for divorce a little over a year later.

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Dylan on the other hand had been married to Mary Jo Eustace since 1993 and had one son with her, but when he met Tori, he cheated on his wife the very same day.

That’s one thing to keep in mind here. The two met and started their affair on the same day, both of them cheating on their respective spouses.

They were married in 2006, only a month after Tori’s divorce came through. And since then they’ve brought four children into this world, starred on several reality TV shows together and have spent very little time apart.

Until Dylan went to Canada to host a TV show there in 2013. It was during that time that he apparently cheated with then 28-year old Emily Goodhand. He confessed as much to Tori, who naturally was devastated.

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Divorce rumours made the rounds and Tori decided that the couple would go into a very public “therapy session” by producing the limited show True Tori, in which they tried to sort out their marriage. Ultimately they decided to stay together, but apparently it was touch and go every now and then.

The six-episode arc was received with mixed emotions. Some viewers were rather appalled that Tori and Dean would wash their dirty laundry so publicly. Others were quite happy to find out more about the couple or even found it helped them with their own cheating spouses. Each to their own.

There is also a theory that the whole thing was a publicity stunt. Dean allegedly never cheated on Tori and the story was made up to secure the show in order to make some money . It is an interesting theory. Emily Goodhand, the woman Dean cheated with, is apparently really hard to locate. There is only one woman of that name in Canada and she tweeted that she never met Dean and called the whole thing bizarre.

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On the other hand Tori’s financial woes are well publicized. She’s even spoken about them in her sixth book. Not only did she not get a fair share of her inheritance after her father passed away with a net worth of nearly $600 Million (Tori and her brother both received only $800,000), but she’s made some ill-advised real estate decision and didn’t invest her money very well.

It’s no wonder Dean went to Canada for two years in order to secure a job there and make some money . Not long ago he was served, because he had apparently failed to make child support payments to his ex for his oldest son.

At the same time Tori keeps living the high life and if you don’t make enough money, you are not able to afford that forever.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott announce good news

Not long ago she went on another show called Celebrity Lie Detector, dishing on many things, including sleeping with two of her former co-stars on 90210 and that she hasn’t forgiven Dean entirely for cheating.

This is the part that speaks against a theory of the cheating story just being made up. She was asked if she had forgiven her husband and said that she has forgiven him in her head, but not in her heart. The question is, if the lie detector gave a reading that was clear or not, because she literally said “yes and no”.

Be that as it may, we will likely never know what the truth might be. Though given Tori’s penchant for living her life out in the open on reality TV shows and then even writing book after book about her life, she may well write another one in thirty years time telling us that it was all made up or perhaps not.

It’s safe to say that nobody would be surprised by this.

Tori and Dean seem to very much belong together and it’s not likely that they’ll be headed for divorce any time soon if ever. And if they ever will get a divorce, it’ll be on TV anyway.


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