David Hasselhoff had enough after paying Pamela Bach $21,000 alimony every month for 10 years

David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach were divorced in 2006 after a 17-year marriage. Ten years after the divorce was settled, David requested that the spousal support should be terminated.

Divorce finalized in August 2006

When Pamela Bach and David Hasselhoff married, they were happy enough for the longest time. Pamela was already pregnant with their first daughter and the second one followed not long after. The family was complete and happy for many years. At least on the outside.

David Hasselhoff with first wife Pamela Bach

But when David Hasselhoff filed for divorce from his wife of nearly 17 years in January 2006, it quickly became known that not all had been well for quite some time.

It was mostly Pamela, who ended up being very outspoken about the troubles in their marriage. It wasn’t so much that David and Pamela fell out of love at any point, it was a case of David apparently loving alcohol more than his wife.

Many allegations were thrown around in the wake of the divorce being announced. Pamela accused David of spousal abuse and made no secret of his year-long alcoholism. In turn David’s team accused Pamela of being a drug-addict, which allegedly came about after a bad motorcycle accident in 2003, where she had been riding pillion behind David and had suffered severe leg injuries. It’s not clear if there is any truth to these allegations and Pamela never really commented on them.

Given how she had taken care of David and his alcohol abuse for many years, it seems unlikely that she would let herself go down a similar path, but it’s not impossible.

Hayley Roberts-David Hasselhoff's current girlfriend

At the time of the divorce, David didn’t admit to having any problems with alcohol. It was well-known that his father had been an alcohol addict and had gone teetotal.

That David had a problem became widely known when a video of him emerged online showing him off his feet drunk. It wasn’t pretty and it became a pretty big scandal.

The divorce was decreed in August 2006, but the finances weren’t finalized until April 2008. Among other things their house was sold, David and Pamela received joint custody and David was to pay monthly spousal support to Pamela until she remarried or either party passed away.

Interestingly Taylor and Hayley, the couple’s teenage daughters, eventually chose to live with their father and are still doing so at age 24 and 26 now.

Pamela was called a gold-digger when details of the nasty divorce emerged. That’s a claim that’s difficult to support, because their marriage lasted 17 years and the couple had two daughters. Pamela and David married before he became really famous, though he had already been well-known because of Knight Rider and had started work on the incredibly popular Baywatch. But his best decade lay still ahead of him when the two married.

David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach say cheese

Ten years on, however, a slightly different picture emerges. Back in April David applied to have the spousal support to Pamela terminated. He essentially declared himself broke with a monthly gross income of only $112,000 and regular expenses of $66,000, which does not factor in the $21,000 he had to pay Pamela in spousal support.

David claimed that he needed to dig into his retirement savings in order to be able to support those payments and wanted them revoked. He said that Pamela had had made no efforts to support herself and as a well-known actress in Germany she could have easily found work.

The problem here is that at 52 most female actors are not exactly considered top-shelf anymore. Whilst this is sexist and ageist, it is the sad reality and given that Pamela Bach has not been on the small screen for many years (with the exception of a brief visit to the Celebrity Big Brother house), she could most certainly not support herself as an actor.

That is no excuse to keep relying on her ex-husband’s money, however. She could have found other ways to support herself. Instead she apparently claimed that David was worth $120 million, because of property he owned around the world. A claim that has not been substantiated.

In the end the two agreed to halve the payments and Pamela now receives $10,000 a month instead. That’s still plenty and more than many people make, let alone need. Perhaps Pamela could think of supporting herself now, especially since it doesn’t look as if she’s getting remarried anytime soon. Most women would consider it a matter of dignity to be self-sufficient.

David on the other hand is engaged to his girlfriend of 5 years, Hayley Roberts. He has addressed his alcohol abuse as well, but does not like to talk about it in detail. He seems healthy, though, and happy once more, which is good for him. It could have gone a different way, after all.

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Hayley Roberts and David Hasselhoff dayout

Pamela Bach and David Hasselhoff snapped at an event

Hayley Roberts and David Hasselhoff say cheese

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