David Duchovny and Tea Leoni – Divorced after 17 years of marriage

The star couple seemed to have tried hard to salvage their marriage rocked by David's sex addiction but it ended in divorce, albeit on peaceful and amicable terms

They haven’t had the easiest of relationships. Married in 1997 after only four months together, they seemed to have a strong and steady relationship until 2008. Two children and little publicity of their private lives proved that. They were young, their careers just taking off and looked happy together whenever they appeared at events.

Tea Leoni David Duchovny go formals

But to the shock of everybody watching or listening, David Duchovny announced in 2008 that he was being treated for sex addiction and that, at the time, he and Tea had already been separated for several months.

Speculation was ripe. It seemed obvious to everyone, who published an opinion on the matter, that the sex addiction was the root cause for the separation. However, that was never confirmed by either one of them. One can certainly make an educated guess that it did, in fact, at least contribute. It’s hard to imagine that a problem like sex addiction would not put a strain on a relationship, especially when treatment is required.

After completing his rehab stint, David and Tea ended up reconciling after only a short time. Clearly having sought treatment put David back in his wife’s good graces. There had to have been enough love between the two for them to want to make it work. And then were the children, of course. It is infinitely harder to just separate ways when you have a family.

They made it work for another three years. Again, no scandals emerged, nothing that gave away they might have troubles. Being a private couple, they were dedicated to their children, each other and their careers.

Then, in June 2011, they announced their second separation. It would’ve seemed final had it not been for the fact that they kept showing up in public together, as a couple and with their children. Whatever had been the reason for the second separation, it didn’t keep them apart and it didn’t mean that they suddenly hated each other.

Tea Leoni and David Duchovny with their kids

Three years later, in June 2014, David Duchovny finally filed for divorce citing an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship. It went almost unnoticed. All terms were settled between the two parties, no ugly word made it into the open, no apparent bitterness was publicised.

Tea recently opened up saying that she could never hate the man who gave her two children. Yes, feelings can get hurt and no separation is ever easy, but they care more about their children, their family than anything else. She knows him to be a good guy, no matter what. And they always loved each other.

Relationships break down, but families stick together. They now share legal custody of the children, but the kids live full-time with Tea. David pays spousal and child support. Everyone lives in the same New York neighbourhood, so they are never far apart.

Tea Leoni is now busy with her new show “Madame Secretary”, whilst David wrapped up his 7-year run as Hank Moody on Californication, a role seemingly made for him.

During the recent 20-year anniversary of “The X-files” rumors were abound that David Duchovny and his on-screen partner Gillian Anderson were dating. But Gillian very firmly denied that after the promotional tours and appearances and several comic cons were over. She admitted attraction, something every X-file viewer is familiar with given the pairs on-screen chemistry. But she also said it would never be, because they know each other too well.

It seems likely that the public will be in the dark about David’s or Tea’s romantic future until either of them makes an appearance with a new significant other. Until then they will remain family and probably as close as you can be after a divorce.

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Tea Leoni with her husband David Duchovny at an event

David Duchovny with his beautiful wife Tea LeoniDavid Duchovny and Tea Leoni go for a walkTea Leoni David Duchovny at an event

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David Duchovny with his present Girlfriend Gillian Anderson at an eventTea Leoni with her rumored boyfriend Billly Bob

David Duchovny with his present Girlfriend Gillian Anderson

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