Why David and Victoria Beckham are likely never going to get a divorce

David and Victoria Beckham have faced divorce rumours since at least 2004, but never have any of them proven true. The latest bout of rumours has also been denied by both.

Their love story is one for the ages and among celebrity couples certainly an exception. David and Victoria met in 1997 at one of his soccer games. Apparently it was a meeting more or less arranged by the Spice Girls’ manager, who thought that the two would make a good match.

David Beckham and Victoria Adams in casuals

Victoria wasn’t even interested in soccer, but David had apparently already an eye on her and somehow the two hit it off very quickly. Their first few dates happened under the cover of secrecy and they only officially came out in 1998. But from then on things were going really fast.

By the middle of 1998 Victoria was pregnant and son Brooklyn was born in March 1999. Another four months later the couple married in a lavish and, some say, extravagant ceremony.

The chemistry between the two was palpable and they became quite famous for showcasing their love openly and with much affection.

Whilst the Spice Girls retired in 2000, David’s star only continued to rise. Eventually son number two was born and the couple moved to Madrid, where David would henceforth play.

David Beckham and Victoria Adams family photo

It’s said that around that time Victoria became somewhat less appealing to David, because she was no longer as famous as she had been. The Spice Girls were history and her solo career didn’t take off. If there’s any truth to that is somewhat doubtful, but in 2004 the marriage looked to all but fall apart, because of the Rebecca Loos affair.

Loos claimed to actually have had an affair with David, but David denied it and Victoria stood by him. Another woman, a fashion model, also claimed to have slept with David twice, but again David denied the allegations.

David Beckham with former girlfriend Rebecca Loos

If David ever stepped out on his wife will forever be between the two of them, because neither has said anything about it in their respective auto-biographies. Instead of getting a divorce, however, the couple got their third son, putting all rumours to a rest.

Over the next few years the couple faced rumours of trouble in paradise and impending divorces more than once, but every time that happened, the two merely showed up as a united front, but rarely dignified those rumours with any further comments.

In between all that Victoria managed to launch herself as a critically acclaimed fashion designer and the two have become Britain’s power couple number one.

Their family was completed four years ago with daughter Harper.

Recently new divorce rumours appeared, but why David and Victoria would be divorcing this time around is not entirely clear. At the most it was attributed to the fact that the two barely shared their lives any more.

But they have always spent a great deal of time apart from each other, mostly due to their respective busy careers, but also their charitable causes and other engagements. The two always show up together with and for their children, though, and nobody can deny that they care a great deal for their four kids.

They also always show up for each other whenever there is a red carpet event one of them is expected at.

Victoria called the latest divorce rumours rubbish. She called their marriage strong and considers herself blessed to have David as her husband. She also said that they simply make an effort to make time for each other, not just the kids, but each other as well.

Whilst one does get the impression in many photos the couple is shown in these days that they are no longer as loved up as they used to be, they certainly seem solid. They have four kids together and have been married for 16 years now. That’s quite the achievement for any celebrity couple, but the fact of the matter is also that the two are simply better together than they could ever hope to be apart.

Even if David did cheat on her in the past, and there’s no solid evidence on that, there certainly haven’t been any allegations on that in recent years and there’s little indication that the two intend to grow old apart.

One might even suspect that it is a matter of pride for Victoria to keep her man. But it’s also unlikely that their kids would just let their parents split up without putting up a fight.

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