Danny Moder bailing on Julia Roberts – what’s behind the latest divorce rumours?

On the surface Julia Roberts’ marriage to Danny Moder has been scandal free, but rumours of a split are increasing and the reasons seem plentiful.

Her marriage to cameraman Danny Moder has been Julia Roberts’ longest and most stable relationship. She has had relationships with many of Hollywood’s leading men in the past, usually men she worked on movies with.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder in a conversation

She was briefly married to Lyle Lovett, a union that barely lasted two years, much to everyone’s relief. She infamously left Kiefer Sutherland just before their wedding for their co-star Jason Patric and even dated Matthew Perry after her guest role on Friends.

Everyone thought she would marry Benjamin Bratt, with whom she managed to stay together for four years, her longest relationship until she met Danny Moder. But she left Benjamin for Danny, who incidentally was married at the time.

Danny left his wife Vera to be with Julia, which gave their relationship a bit of a scandalous flavour at the time. Nobody actually thought they’d stay together. Julia was Hollywood A-list and who had ever heard of Danny Moder?

The couple was married in 2002 and went on to have three children together. After 13 years of marriage, which occasionally has been beset by divorce rumours, they may or may not be headed for splitsville now.

Julia Roberts & Danny Moder say cheese

Observers comment that the two have not been seen together for quite some time displaying any amount of public affection. They’re not even really smiling when photographed together and have hardly made public appearances together either.

Danny reportedly did not show up when Julia went to her mother’s funeral. In any relationship that’s a huge no-no and most certainly not a good sign. It would suggest that the two aren’t even friends anymore.

Interestingly, this particular story seems to have two sides and both are being talked about incessantly. Naturally all stories involving a couple have two sides, but here it’s indeed a case of both sides providing ample reason for divorce speculations.

Julia Roberts & Danny Moder enjoy a walk

Julia, for instance, is reportedly sick and tired of footing the bills for Danny’s personal projects as well as his extended family. She is said to have paid millions towards her father-in-law’s mortgage and just doesn’t want to do it anymore. That’s actually pretty understandable, if it is indeed true. Who would want to pay the bills for their in-laws, even if they have plenty of money to go around?

It doesn’t help that Danny’s family is reportedly not particularly fond of Julia to begin with; at least that has been the case in the past. But she seems to be good for her money.

Julia is also said to be fed up with Danny’s older sister’s run-ins with the law. The woman has had multiple DUI’s to her name and has only recently been arrested once more, facing fines and perhaps even jail time.

On the other hand Danny is allegedly no longer willing to put up with Julia’s antics. Not only has he no say in the marriage whatsoever, but Julia is emotionally manipulative as well. Or so the story goes. He apparently can’t deal with her emotional outbursts and rants and wants out of the marriage, especially since he never truly felt that they were equal partners.

Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett share a laugh

That feeling is certainly justified, given that Julia brings home millions and has infinitely more fame to her name than Danny ever will.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Julia has put two of her properties on the market, one in Hawaii and one in New York. Moving vans have just been spotted outside the family’s Malibu home, once more prompting rumours that Danny is finally moving out. Naturally moving vans are used for a number of reasons and none of these make a divorce any more likely.

Be that as it may, the story has been gaining traction and it can be only a matter of weeks before we know more, if we even have to wait this long. Neither Julia nor Danny has made any statements about the state of their marriage. Until anything specific becomes known, we’ll all be holding our breaths. Or perhaps not, we’d faint from lack of oxygen.

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