Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe have yet to divorce – is there hope for reconciliation?

Russell Crowe has loved his estranged wife since 1989, but after a nine-year marriage the two separated. He’s not ready to divorce, however, and won’t give up easily.

According to Russell Crowe he has loved his estranged wife Danielle Spencer since he first met her in 1989. The two have famously or infamously had an on and off relationship over the next 12 years. During their off times, Russell dated a few of Hollywood’s A-list stars, among them Sharon Stone and Meg Ryan.

Russell Crowe  & Danielle Spencer young days

But in 2001 he returned to Danielle once and for all and in 2003 they were married. During their marriage they had two sons.

Whilst at first Danielle would try and be with Russell when he was filming abroad, she never wanted to move to Los Angeles with him. Eventually she would stay behind in Sydney with the boys, because she and Russell realized that it was not in the best interest of their sons to continuously uproot the boys and take them away travelling just because Russell was filming somewhere far away.

At the height of his career Russell’s fame got into his head more than just a little bit. Whilst he may have been a somewhat volatile character all along, he had a few unfortunate incidents, some of them needlessly violent, that branded him as a bad boy.

Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe arrive at an event

He’s also been accused of flirting with women and visiting strip clubs and behaving in a drunk and lewd manner towards women, who were rather unimpressed with him. And he’s certainly no stranger to feuding with other Hollywood stars or movie directors.

Seeing him in the news like that can’t have been easy for Danielle.

There is also the question if Russell ever stepped out on her. According to witnesses he certainly tried, but was he successful? Who knows? There have never been serious allegations to that effect, so chances are he stayed at least faithful.

Russell’s reputation is certainly less than stellar and his career has waned somewhat. But that wasn’t the case when he and Danielle split. In fact, he was very busy filming back to back movies prior to their split and there’s a chance that that contributed greatly to the demise of their relationship.

He was hardly at home for 18 months whilst filming and Danielle visited him only now and then. That’s never a good indicator for a marriage. Russell himself blames his purchase of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, a football club that was under the weather at the time. He managed to turn them into rugby league champions, but admits that it was a lot of work and didn’t help fix his marriage.

Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe dayout with son

It’s interesting to note, however, that after all the years he has known Danielle and has loved her, he doesn’t know how their relationship failed. Russell says he’s never not going to love her and whilst they are separated, they are still not divorced after three years. He has hopes to reconcile, but is that even possible?

Danielle apparently considers him a friend at this stage and the two have kept their separation amicable for the sake of their sons. But would she take Russell back? You’d think they’ve been through enough, but truly, he would need to be a changed man. It’s hardly enough to just want somebody back if you are not prepared to put in the hard work.

Russell said he has abstained from dating anyone since he and Danielle split. He did so in order to spare his boys the trauma, but surely there’s also still the hope that Danielle will see how serious he is.

One thing seems certain, Russell won’t file for divorce; so if Danielle actually wants one, then she will have to file for it. We shall see what happens and how Russell might react.

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Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe snapped at an event

Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe shopping spree

Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe look great together

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Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe look happy

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Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe dayout

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