Danica McKellar finds love again after her divorce from Mike Verta

Danica McKellar was only married to composer Mike Verta for three years before she filed for divorce. Two years later she is now very happily married again. Divorce was finalized in February 2013.

They had been dating since 2001, but it took them a surprising eight years before Danica McKellar and Mike Verta finally married in March 2009. According to Danica’s sister, she had married the love of her life. A year later son Draco was born.

Danica McKellar Mike Verta Wedding

But only two years after that, in June 2012, Danica filed for divorce from her then-husband citing irreconcilable differences. It would appear that the love ended rather quickly and one has to wonder what happened. All things considered one is inclined to say that it may not have been the greatest idea to get married. After an 8-year relationship it seems somewhat pointless to get married and then divorce only three years later.

However, Danica seems to be a bit of a romantic and perhaps she and Mike thought it was time. After all, few people marry expecting to get divorced again.

Danica herself has not said much about the reasons for the divorce. She spoke no ill word about her ex-husband and merely said that a divorce is a sad thing to happen to someone, only second to a death in the family. It is rumored that she was fed up with being the sole bread winner in the family for most of the time, with Mike Verta sitting at home and composing his music.

Such a situation puts a strain on any relationship, and it tends to breed resentment. If it indeed played a role, then the breakdown of their marriage is certainly explicable. Danica was definitely not happy about the divorce and went on record saying that she was not ready to date after the divorce was finalized in February 2013.

Danica Mckellar and Scott Sveslosky wedding day pic

At least they had an amicable divorce. They will share the custody for their son Draco and thanks to a pre-nup everything else was sorted without much difficulty as well.

Now, two years on, Danica is married once more. She met her new husband, lawyer Scott Sveslosky, a year ago on a date that had been set up for them. She later gushed that she knew he was the person she’d been dreaming of her whole life almost as soon as she laid eyes on him. And the feeling seems to have been mutual. They were engaged in September, going obviously at a much faster pace than Danica and Mike did.

The pair married on November 15, 2014, in an intimate sunrise ceremony in Hawaii. Clearly she’s found her Prince Charming and nobody will be surprised, if there is a little brother or sister for Draco on the way soon.

As for Mike Verta, he is a dedicated father to Draco, but it is not known if he’s seeing anyone new now. He’s never made a statement concerning his divorce. No doubt he will move on from Danica, if he has not done so already, and find new happiness eventually as well.

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Danica Mckellar with her new husband Scott Sveslosky

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