Six years after their divorce Damon Dash lost custody of their children to ex-wife Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy and and Damon Dash were a couple for many years before they got married. But years after their divorce there’s much animosity and legal action against each other.

Divorce finalized in 2009

Rachel Roy met Damon Dash when she interned at his and Jay-Z’s fashion company Rocawear. She rose through the ranks and eventually became a creative director, a job that would have certainly put her into closer contact with Dash, who was her boss.

Rachel Roy and Damon Dash happiness

We don’t know how long they were dating, but in 1999 their first daughter was born. They only married in 2005, though, and their second daughter was born in 2008.

As Rachel’s star rose and she became a fashion designer in her own right, eventually dressing many famous women, Damon’s star waned. He sold his share of their company to Jay-Z and somehow managed to accrue a lot of bad luck.

By the time Rachel filed for divorce early in 2009, Damon was considered a failure as a hip-hop mogul and apparently very much broke.

Rachel Roy and Damon Dash times together

It seems Rachel didn’t want money from him, but when their marriage was dissolved Damon was ordered to pay $6,000 in child-support every month. Damon was also meant to pay for two condos in Tribeca.

For a long time after the divorce was settled we didn’t hear much about the two. They both were busy with their careers and raising their daughters.

In 2015, then, Rachel sued for full legal and physical custody of the girls. She alleged that Damon owed at least $42,000 in child-support and that the condos were nearly foreclosed. She had to put up a lot of money to prevent that from happening. She also requested a restraining order against Damon.

Damon Dash and Rachel Roy dayout

Rachel accused Damon of using drugs around their daughters and didn’t like that there were so many women of questionable character around their girls. Damon on the other hand accused her of having drunk driven with one of their daughters and of threatening him with a knife. He was never able to substantiate the claims.

In April 2015 a judge sided with Rachel, granting her full legal and physical custody of the girls and issuing a three-year restraining order against Damon, who would now only get supervised visitation with his daughters.

Only three days later Damon sued Rachel for $2.5 million for breach of contract concerning two companies the two had founded together. We don’t know what happened with that suit, but it does not look as Damon was very successful with it.

Instead he lashed out at Rachel via social media, accusing her of taking two girls from a loving father and using the child-support money to buy shoes and other stuff for herself. There doesn’t seem to be any truth to that, though, and if there was, Damon could have taken legal action against Rachel. After all, just as he is accountable to pay child-support, she is accountable for how it is used.

Damon Dash and Rachel Roy say cheese

His oldest daughter, Ava, was rather unimpressed with his comments and asked him to stop via social media as well. Damon later blocked his daughter from his Instagram account, which was a blow to the girl. Damon defended himself by claiming that he did it to protect his daughter, because her mother would steal her phone and post mean stuff about him under her daughter’s accounts.

Damon has come up with all kinds of weird claims last year, but couldn’t present proof for any of them. Painting himself as a caring father did not go as far as actually showing up to the hearing in April when he lost custody of his daughters.

Had he been there to present his case, the judge may have come to a different decision, but clearly his daughters weren’t important enough to show up for them.

In October the decision for sole custody for Rachel was upheld after Damon tried to appeal the previous judgement. Once more his smoking of weed disqualified him as a responsible parent and he was ordered to refrain from using drugs at least 24 hours prior to visiting with his daughters.

It’s rare that a divorce and custody becomes such a big issue years after the fact, but Dame Dash (as he is called) has not helped himself at all and Rachel is simply the more believable person here.


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Rachel Roy and Damon Dash with daughter Ava

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