Corey Feldman’s divorce was finalized only 5 years after the separation from Susie Sprague

Corey Feldman is a true has-been, who is only mentioned in celebrity news because of some notoriety. That’s how we know that his divorce was finalized 5 years after his split from Susie Sprague.

Divorce finalized in August 2014

Corey Feldman’s marriage to Susie Sprague was his second. He met her in 2001 and started dating her fairly quickly. Whilst his heydays were definitely over, she did recognize him and apparently didn’t mind dating him despite his somewhat unhealthy reputation.

Corey Feldman and Susie Sprague snapped at an event

Corey has been through addiction and drug abuse during much of the 90’s and his substance abuse is mainly responsible for the breakdown of his first marriage.

Apparently he and Susie had an open relationship right from the start, but decided to get married in 2002. They had son Zen in 2004 and even in 2007 Corey said the two were still very much in love. He even credited Susie with helping him through the worst of his addiction and depression, saying that her love and their son Zen proved enough of a reason to sober up and enjoy life once more.

Sadly, however, according to his autobiography something must have changed irrevocably and by 2009 the two had lost trust in each other, which is why Susie filed for divorce in October that year. She merely cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ and left it at that.

She requested full legal and physical custody with visitation rights for Corey and spousal as well as child support from him.

Susie Sprague and Corey Feldman arrive at an event

Curiously their divorce was only divorced in August 2014. When news of the divorce details were published, it was said that the couple had initially just filed for legal separation. Why neither of them wanted an actual divorce earlier than that is a bit of a mystery, especially since both of them well and truly moved on in those years.

What’s more, Corey apparently managed to get the cheapest divorce deal of any celebrity, current or has-been, ever. He keeps one car whilst Susie got the other one and Corey has to pay $750 in child support for their now 10-year old son.

Spousal support for Susie was no longer an issue, because Susie remarried by the end of 2014 anyway. Corey is not known to be in a relationship right now, but he is known to be hanging out with tons of models for his new business, which apparently gives inept men the opportunity to hang out with models as well.


Susie Sprague and Corey Feldman say cheese

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