Cora Schumacher has already moved on from divorce – Ralf Schumacher has other worries

After a marriage that lasted 13 years Ralf and Cora Schumacher divorced early last year. Cora moved on with somebody new, whilst Ralf still worries about his older brother. Divorce finalized in February 2015

Once upon a time Cora and Ralf Schumacher lived a fairy tale. They had a church wedding in 2002 and prior to that a secular wedding. They had been together since 2001.

Cora Schumacher and Ralf Schumacher at a TV show

The ex-model and the Forula 1 driver never looked like a likely couple, rather a little unsuited to one another, but they must have had about 10 happy years together and they did have son David.

Interestingly the first rumours that the two were separating emerged in 2011. But officially nothing was confirmed, despite an alleged passionate kiss between Cora and a German rapper. The couple must have separated at some point in 2014, if not a little earlier. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact time.

We only learned about the divorce when it was a done deal in February 2015. German media would have been onto the couple for some time before that, but the news of their separation didn’t really register in the rest of the world.

Cora Schumacher and Ralf Schumacher look great together

There was an incident at the estranged couple’s home in November 2014, however, that we know about. The police had to be called in when neighbours were worried about the screaming match taking place at the house. When the police showed up both of them pressed charges of physical abuse, which were said to be pursued by the authorities. It’s not clear what happened with those charges, but it is evident that the split was not amicable.

When the divorce was finalized it was said that the couple was on good terms. It would seem that it took them a while to get to that point, though.

Cora was said to be after a good chunk of Ralf’s money, but according to reports she only receive €6 million from his estimated €110 million net worth. Those numbers are unconfirmed, however.

Cora Schumacher and Ralf Schumacher share a laugh

Some people have called Cora a gold digger, claiming that she’s been after his money from the get go. That doesn’t seem very likely, given how long she stayed with Ralf. But we’ve never been on the inside of their marriage, which means no one can really comment unless they are Ralf or Cora themselves.

In the meantime Cora has moved on happily dating a policeman. The two seem rather smitten with one another and are already talking about moving in and perhaps even marrying. Ralf has been asked about his ex moving on, but he only said that it doesn’t matter to him, but he wishes her well.

At least he is not outwardly bitter.

Ralf on the other hand has had other worries. Whilst he retired from race car driving, he is still working behind the scenes. But since his older brother’s horrible skiing accident Ralf has spent much time at Michael’s bedside, especially in the early months.

Given how he followed in his brother’s footsteps to become a Formula 1 driver, the whole thing would have affected him badly. Thoughts of going out with women were and are probably not at the front of his mind. In fact, it’s fair to say that Michael’s recovery would probably make him happier right now than dating anyone.


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Cora Schumacher and Ralf Schumacher smile prettily

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