Christina Milian’s marriage lasted less than a year and ended when her husband cheated on her

Christina Milian married Terius “The Dream” Nash after less than a year of dating. They eloped together and then he cheated on her and filed for divorce nine days before their daughter was born.

Divorce finalized in October 2011

Even if you are not a fan of Christina Milian and her music or whatever else she does, she is quite a pretty woman. So naturally when her then-husband Terius “The Dream” Nash (henceforth only referred to as Terius) cheated on her, everyone was a bit surprised.

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne take a romantic stroll

Obviously looks aren’t everything in a relationship, but there clearly was not much love lost when Terius decided to step out on his wife, and very publicly at that. He was photographed smooching his assistant Melissa Santiago at a beach and then went ahead filing for divorce from Christina, who was about to give birth to their first and only child.

They hadn’t been married a year when that happened and one has to wonder, why they married at all. Christina later said that she went through hell and back during that time, which means it wasn’t a walk in the park. She also said that she was actually really good at being a great girlfriend and a really good wife, but apparently it wasn’t what Terius had been looking for or had wanted at the time.

It’s hard to imagine how Christina was completely sidelined when Terius filed for divorce just as she was about to give birth. Just like that he turned his wife into a single mother. Who does that?

At the end of the day it is between the two of them and maybe it’s better for their daughter that she never knew her parents to be married. At least she won’t be able to miss what she never had.

Christina Milian and Terius Hagert Youngdell Nash dayout

Eventually the couple settled their divorce and moved on separately. Christina was happy to be a mother, regardless of the circumstances, and felt stronger for having been through the messy situation such as it was.

Focussing on her career and her daughter for a while, she didn’t throw herself back into the dating scene. But for at least six months now she has been linked to Lil Wayne. It does seem pretty obvious that they are dating, but the two have been rather quiet about the status of their relationship.

Not so quiet were Terius and Nivea, who is Lil Wayne’s ex and also an ex of Terius. Neither of them appears to be very impressed with Lil Wayne and Christina Milian dating. It does seem like an awfully incestuous situation, but that doesn’t seem to be entirely unusual in the music industry, where everyone seems to be changing partners more often than not, with someone’s ex ending up dating another one’s ex in a seemingly never-ending cycle.

This particular circle of people is just missing a child conceived as a result of Lil Wayne’s and Christina’s love. The latter has said that she wants more children and that she would go down the aisle again. Maybe she has found her man.

In the end everyone just wants to be happy and we all should just take the happiness wherever we find it and hope for the best.


Christina Milian and Terius Hagert Youngdell Nash pose for a snap

Christina Milian and Terius Hagert Youngdell Nash out on a shopping spree

Christina Milian and boyfriend Lil Wayne stage show

Beach time for Christina Milian and Terius Hagert Youngdell Nash

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