Did Chitrangada Singh’s marriage to Jyoti Randhawa end in divorce because of her career?

Much has been speculated about the reasons for the divorce of Jyoti Randhawa and Chitrangada Singh, but perhaps the simplest answer is the right one here? Divorce finalized in November 2013

Apparently Chitrangada Singh and Jyoti Randhawa have known each other since their childhood. How long they had romanced each other is not very well documented, but they were married in 2001.

Chitrangada Singh and Jyoti Randhawa look happy

At that time Jyoti had already been a professional golfer for many years and Chitrangada used to travel with him just about all over the world for his gold tournaments.

Her modelling and then acting career had a bit of a slow start from about 2003 onwards. Only after she gave birth to their son in about 2009 and he was old enough to be left with his father, did Chitrangada really launch her movie career more or less full-time. From 2011 onward she has kept herself busy.

Incidentally, or perhaps not at all, it was around that time that rumours first began to abound that there was trouble in the marriage between the newly famous actor and the professional golfer. Speculation was rife that they were headed for divorce.

Chitrangada Singh and Jyoti Randhawa day out with sunny boy

Chitrangada was even said to have an affair Sudhir Mishra, who had given her her first role in a movie and was said to be her mentor. Apparently the two had remained quite close over the years. Nobody seemed to care very much about the fact that he is about twice her age and could well just be a father figure. There’s never been any particular evidence that the two might be romantically linked. It would be a very peculiar union, if it were true.

For some reason it had even been alleged that it was Jyoti who stepped out on Chitrangada, probably whilst she was away making a movie. But again, that was never actually confirmed and Chitrangada would only say that any relationship suffers a certain amount of pressure (and certainly more so when the two people involved are reasonably famous) and that one simply had to work on the relationship.

Chitrangada Singh and mentor Sudhir Mishra snapped at an event

Jyoti himself once said that he missed his wife when she was away filming and he certainly sounded wistful when he recollected the years when she used to accompany him to his tournaments.

At that time Chitrangada was mostly working in Mumbai, whilst the couple lived in Delhi, where Jyoti practiced golf.

And whilst speculation on the state of their marriage continued, neither of them spoke up.

In April 2014 it was finally confirmed that the two had indeed not only separated in 2013 and presumably lived separate lives for quite some time at that time, but that their divorce had also been finalized.

Most commonly it seems that their divorce is considered to have been finalized in April when the news was reported. But at least one source appears to have published the couple’s divorce decree and if that is authentic, then the divorce was actually granted on the 11th November 2013.

During most of 2013 neither Chitrangada nor Jyoti made any comments about a possible divorce, Chitrangada only ever stated that everything was fine. Why would she lie for such a long time?

She does seem to be a rather private person and almost never speaks about anything personal. At the end of the day her divorce or marital problems are really nobody’s business but hers and Jyoti’s. But given how well known they are and the public interest, she can’t keep it all to herself.

Of course there were a few speculations as to what ultimately broke their marriage apart, but the easiest and most logical explanation really does seem to be her focus on her career as an actor. The couple was constantly separated once she made more movies and that puts a strain on any relationship, especially when they had been a lot closer in the past and were almost never apart.

Chitrangada had her priorities and whilst they do include her son, they don’t include her marriage. Each to their own.

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