Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore divorced after nine years, which we found out on Facebook

Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore divorced completely out of the blue. Years later they had very different things to say about the failure of their marriage. Divorce finalized in August 2011

Nowadays social media plays a big part in our interaction with celebrities. But it also plays a big role for them, because they feud with other celebrities on Twitter, get deep and personal on Facebook or share all kinds of pictures on Instagram. We’re becoming more intimately acquainted with our idols. But even in the day and age of knowing nearly everything about everyone, reading Chante Moore’s post on Facebook announcing that she and Kenny Lattimore had divorced, was probably a bit of a shock.

Chante Moore & Kenny Lattimore at an Awards

More often than not celebs take to Facebook to deny divorce rumours, not confirm them

Reading articles from that time, it does sound as if nobody knew that the couple had split. At least nobody outside of their inner circle.

The two had been married for 9 years, starting their union on New Year’s Day in 2002 in Jamaica in a lavish ceremony. They had one son together and produced two albums together.

But perhaps doing the same job and sharing the same passion wasn’t enough to keep them together. Perhaps it was too much. Working together is not for everyone.

We don’t know when their marriage broke apart or for how long they were separated before filing for divorce, but it was probably not something that happened all of a sudden. It also doesn’t look as if the divorce was entirely amicable.

Chante Moore & Kenny Lattimore initimate photoshoot

Kenny filed for sole custody at some point and he did so publicly. Chante was rather disappointed by the move and later spoke about it publicly as well. She appeared on R&B Divas LA, where she talked about Kenny every now and then and also about their son.

The two battled it out in court and eventually managed to come to an agreement regarding custody. Only years later both spoke out about it and Chante chose to do so on her reality TV show.

Kenny said in an interview that he considered Chante’s remarks on her show irresponsible. Since he wasn’t part of the cast and neither was their son, he felt it was inappropriate for her to have said the things she did. Kenny found them hurtful and said it hurt their son as well.

But given that Chante said she was “pissed” over the whole custody battle, it’s hard to blame her.

Chante Moore and boyfriend Darrin Dewitt Hanson show their engagement ring

In the end they figured out an arrangement that suited them both, but we don’t quite know what that is. One does get the impression that Kenny takes his job as a father rather more seriously than Chante does as a mother, though.

Kenny said in an interview that he still believed in marriage and would want to get married again in the future. He said that one had to be committed to commitment, which apparently wasn’t the case in his first marriage. Chante wanted something else, not what he wanted in any case.

He also said that he is dating, but that there’s nothing serious going on with anyone.

Chante for her part has certainly moved on as well and has been linked to various men over the last few years. Most recently she has last been linked to Darrin Dewitt Hanson, but their current relationship status is not quite clear.


Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore posing

Kenny Lattimore holding Chante Moore passionately

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