David and Cathy Guetta divorced relatively quietly, but dividing their assets caused friction

They’ve been married for 22 or 24 years, depending on whom you ask. They renewed their vows in 2012, but now David and Cathy Guetta are divorced and nobody knows why. Divorce finalized in March 2014

Many were surprised to hear when the news of Cathy and David Guetta’s divorce in March 2014 first became public knowledge. There had been no prior indication that the couple was about to split. There had been no separation and no news that the divorce had even been filed.

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Given that the couple was divorced by a French court, however, this shouldn’t be surprising. Things are a little different in Europe. The privacy of high profile couples is usually respected by the courts.

But some news outlets cast doubt on the divorce story and reps for the couple apparently also denied it. A year on that does not seem to be the case any longer. The divorce has turned into a fact, but what happened remains as mysterious as always.

Neither Cathy nor David has breathed a word as to why they divorced.

We did hear about some discontent in the aftermath of dividing their assets, however. Whilst David has always been the artist, the one to make the music, Cathy has been the business manager and power woman behind it all. They were partners in life and in music and it’s no secret that they couldn’t have become as powerful as they did without each other.

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Additionally, Cathy owns all the rights to the music and their famous brands. In the middle of last year it was reported that Cathy was set to get half of their combined assets. As the manager of her ex-husband she does deserve her fair share of the loot. She’s worked just as hard for David’s success as he has.

Curiously the gossip magazines don’t even feel inclined to speculate on the demise of the power couple’s marriage. In a Billboard interview from November last year, David was noticeably exhausted. He spoke of a tough year and mentioned that his newly launched album certainly reflected some of the journey he had taken last year. But he did not speak about his divorce any more than that and concentrated on his music and his legacy.

There can be little doubt about the tremendous influence David had on the music industry over the last 30 years. His divorce, however messy it may have been at some point, won’t diminish that.

One must assume that the well-being of the couple’s children is among their priorities, and that they will continue to work, perhaps together, on what is important to them.

It’s not easy to get over 22 (or 24) years of marriage, but given their high profiles, they will certainly meet new partners in the future. At only 46 years old there’s plenty of time left for both of them to find happiness again.

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