Catherine Bell and Adam Beason divorced and Scientology had probably nothing to do with it

Catherine Bell was married to Adam Beason for 17 years before they ended their marriage. What caused this apparently amicable split? Divorce finalized in 2011

Catherine Bell met former husband Adam Beason on the set of Death becomes her, where she didn’t have much of a role besides being a body double. But it changed her life anyway.

Breakfast time for Catherine Bell and Adam Beason

Catherine and Adam married in 1994 and in between filming on JAG and later Army Wives, the couple led a pretty adventurous life. They had nine motorcycles, which they only reduced to three when their daughter Gemma arrived in 2003.

It’s fair to say that the couple were happy and apparently had a lot in common as well. They signed up to Scientology together. Catherine said of Scientology that it made her a better actress, more successful and confident and that it helped her with the relationships in her life.

Unfortunately it ultimately didn’t help her keep her marriage together.

Catherine Bell and Adam Beason at a movie premiere

In October 2011 it was announced that she and Adam had split and shortly thereafter the couple was divorced. The whole affair was very amicable, however. Son Ronan had arrived by that time and was still a baby, but the couple was committed to raising their kids together and apparently also own a production company, which they would also continue to work in together.

We don’t know any details of their divorce settlement, but it would have to have been without contention.

We do know that Catherine at least concentrates more on being a mother these days rather than acting a lot like she used to. She is still an active actress, mind you, and will continue to be as long as she is in demand.

Why the marriage broke apart is unclear. Perhaps it had run its course. Scientology, which famously likes its actors to advertise for success in their careers and personal lives, obviously didn’t get involved here. Not many people even know that Catherine is a scientologist.

If Adam was not an adherent, however, it would have been a good enough reason to explain the split. Be that as it may, the two seem to be getting along, they do have a common interest and Catherine is not known to be dating anyone.


Catherine Bell cuddles daughter Gemma Beason

Catherine Bell and Adam Beason snapped at an event

Catherine Bell and Adam Beason look cheerful

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Catherine Bell and Adam Beason dayout with son Ronan

Catherine Bell and Adam Beason at a movie screening

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