Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix end their 16-year relationship in divorce

Casey Affleck seems to follow his older brother in everything. Nine months after Ben and Jennifer split, Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix announced the end of their own marriage.

Casey and Ben Affleck have an awful lot in common. It makes us wonder if Ben is Casey’s role model or if it is merely happenstance. Casey followed in Ben’s acting and then directing footsteps. He married less than a year after his brother and just like the older Affleck, the younger one split from his wife after nearly 10 years of marriage.

Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck at a red carpet event

Casey, however, did not seem to have cheated on his estranged wife. At least not that we know of and not with a nanny.

The younger Affleck brother also had less of an exciting dating life prior to getting married. He was with Summer for six years before they tied the knot and even before that the two had been friends with Casey hoping for more, but Summer dating someone else.

Apparently Summer had been introduced to Casey by her older brother Joaquin. Summer is the youngest sister of the extensive Phoenix clan. It took nearly five years since their first meeting before Casey and Summer started to date. It was Joaquin who played Cupid and quite successfully so.

After four years together the couple welcomed their first son Indiana. Two years later, in 2006, Casey and Summer were married. And son Atticus followed in 2008. The family was complete, but not picture perfect.

Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck holding hands

Two women, who worked with Casey and Joaquin, on their documentary I’m Still Here, sued Casey for sexual harassment on set. They alleged “uninvited and unwelcome sexual advances” by Casey. The cases were eventually dismissed after they were settled outside of court. It’s unclear how much money changed hands, but apparently everyone was satisfied with the outcome. Casey did deny that anything untoward had happened, but the incident leaves a sour aftertaste.

We don’t know what Summer thought of the suit, because she has never really been asked. She has pretty much retired from public life and raises her sons instead of pursuing a career. At the time there was no suggestion that the couple might divorce, though.

But since 2014 the two have not been photographed together and it has been rumoured that trust issues on Summer’s part are the main reason behind the couple’s split.

In March this year the couple announced that they would split. They assured everyone that they remained very close friends and that they were committed co-parents, but the marriage was irretrievably broken. It emerged that they had been working on their marriage for quite some time, even attending couple’s therapy to make things work.

But in the end it was futile and they arrived at the decision to end their marriage.

At this time it’s not actually clear if either of them has filed for divorce. Whilst the announcement was made, the filing seems to be hanging in the air still. It doesn’t seem likely that reconciliation is in the cards. Whilst reports of Ben trying to win Jennifer back are continuously making the rounds, it would seem that Casey is not following in Ben’s footsteps in this particular case.

Then again, you never know what’s inside the heart of someone else.


Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck snapped at an event

Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck look cool

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