Brian McKee cheats on R-Kelly’s ex-wife and becomes Andrea Kelly’s ex-husband number two

In reality Brian McKeen and Andrea Kelly married only six days after they met. On reality TV it took them a year. The divorce was filed two months after that.

Divorce finalized July 2014

Andrea (short Drea) Kelly is not very lucky with the men in her life. First she marries R-Kelly, who had just had his marriage to then 15-year old Aaliyah annulled, and goes on to have three children with him.

Andrea Kelly and Brian McKee at an interview

Very much in the middle of the scandal surrounding R-Kelly of having allegedly had sex with an underage girl, she separates from him in 2005. Initially amicable, she files for a restraining order after a heated argument. That restraining order was later rescinded.

The divorce is only finalized in 2009 and due to a gag order imposed by her ex-husband, Drea will never be able to talk about the finer details, but it has been alleged that she received $50 Million.

In 2013 she met barber Brian McKee at an airport and marries him at his sister’s place after only 6 days. Brian divulged that since they were both Christian they didn’t just want to shack up. What they felt was real and so they wanted to make it real, which included getting married.

Andrea Kelly and Brian McKee dine out

After their split he admitted that it might have been a hasty move after all and that he wished he had spent more time just dating Drea.

As a cast-member on the show Hollywood Exes Drea was shown to be dating Brian during the course of a year. Their relationship is not without friction and the couple has a few ups and downs in that season, but ultimately they get married on camera, though nobody knew at the time that they had been married already.

That was in March 2014. By May, only two months later, the divorce had been filed. Why? Because Brian had allegedly been cheating on Drea. Apparently she had found inappropriate text messages that he sent to other women asking for money . Some women had also come forward on Twitter and it would seem that Drea believed them all.

Brian McKee and Momma Dee pose for a photoshoot

Brian hasn’t divulged much about his marriage, only that they had indeed been married for much longer, but he’s not addressed the cheating rumours.

Drea for her part just wanted to move on. And she’s been very candid about that as well. She said that once you hit 40, you don’t mess around with being cheated on anymore. It was time to pull the plug sooner rather than later and so she did.

Brian has been linked to Momma Dee after the end of his marriage, but there was some miscommunication on whether or not they actually dated. It’s not clear what happened since, because there are currently no news available on Brian.

Andrea for her part doesn’t seem to be in the dating game either. She is still fairly successful on reality TV and is more than anything else a pretty awesome mother to her three children, but especially transgender son Jay, who came out last year.

She might not have had the best hand with men, but as a mother she is an example to countless mothers, who may struggle with their children’s coming out.


Andrea Kelly and Brian McKee say cheese


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