Susan Rodgers starts a new life even before her divorce from ex-Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is finalized

Brendan Rodgers left his wife and partner of 24 years (14 of which married) for another woman. But it seems to be Susan who is now much happier and better off without him.

They’ve been together since 1990, but it took Susan and Brendan Rodgers ten years to get married. In the meantime they had two children and perhaps it was for them that the two tied the knot.

Susan Rodgers and Brendan Rodgers day out

It is probably a blessing that their children are no youngsters anymore and can, as adults, handle their parents split much better than if they had still been pre-teens.

As it is, finding out that their father had cheated on their mother with a woman ten years younger than their mother, can’t have been very pleasant either.

Brendan Rodgers is a bit too young to have a mid-life crisis, but that’s pretty much what it looks like. Just about as he turned 40 he seems to have fallen for former Liverpool-worker Charlotte Searle (then Hind, having just gone through a nasty divorce herself). And who could blame him? She’s ten years younger than his estranged wife, blonde, slender and rather easy on the eyes. She does come with a toddler daughter, but that didn’t seem to be a deal-breaker.

In fact, these days the three are vacationing together and they’re now about two years into their relationship. Mind you, it took Brendan a while to acknowledge that. In 2013 he did not officially see her yet, but he was a frequent guest at her home. You can make of that what you will.

Charlotte Searle-Brendan Rodgers's girlfriend

Brendan left his wife for good in 2014. We don’t know how well she took that, but looking at the last few pictures of the two together, neither of them looked particularly happy. Chances are the marriage was already failing.

Sadly, Susan found herself forced to sue her estranged husband for maintenance, because he didn’t pay on his own accord. In the end he settled with her to pay several thousand Pound a month, though the exact amount is not known.

That was in May this year.

In July then it emerged that the two were battling it out in court over a divorce settlement. Whilst it’s not clear exactly how much Susan wants from him, some guess that she may only settle for half of his current wealth and potential future income. At the time those reports were written, however, Brendan was still gainfully employed as the Liverpool manager with his contract continuing until 2018.

Brendan Rodgers and girlfrind Charlotte Searle with kid

In addition to that Brendan also owns a vast 102-homes property empire with a business partner (not his wife), which needs to be evaluated. Apparently that costs about £32,000 to £35,000 and since this was first mentioned in the news (in July) nothing else has been forthcoming. Clearly assessing that many properties takes some time.

Much has changed in the meantime, however. Brendan has been sacked from his position as Liverpool’s manager only 7 games into the new season and Susan has relocated to sunny Marbella, where she appears to be rather happy.

Whilst Susan won’t be able to ask for half of her estranged husband’s future income at this time, because the poor man finds himself unemployed, he may well get a payout from Liverpool that could be as high as £7 Million (though he would have made £10 Million until 2018).

If all goes well for Brendan and later in court for Susan, she could just as well retire in Marbella. Currently much is still up in the air and the divorce does not appear to be final just yet. So we’ll all just have to follow the news in the near future.


Charlotte Searle & Brendan Rodgers snapped at an event

Charlotte Searle & Brendan Rodgers arrive at an event together

Susan Rodgers and Brendan Rodgers say cheese